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How to get Fashion Week street style

As fashion weeks continue around the world, we can’t help but be inspired by trends and fashion examples of the world’s most stylish women — and we aren’t talking fashion editors or models.

Woman with casual street style

The streets of Manhattan, London, Paris and Milan during fashion weeks are a public runway for personal style, with inspiration on every corner.

You don’t need a front-row seat at Alexander McQueen’s show to exude brilliant fashion-week-worthy style. Here are four little ways to channel your personal style into confident street style.

Step 1: Embrace the weather

The street style that is sure to impress is the one that faces the weather — snow or sunshine — with a mysterious smile. The streets of Manhattan were some of the snowiest in Fashion Week history, so what did we see? The most elaborate winter outfits, chic accessories and figure-defining trenches all year. To have swoon-worthy street style, you have to flirt with the weather rather than pretending you’re unaffected by it.

Step 2: Do the mix

This is a golden rule for style: Never match completely. Don’t be afraid to mix different pieces and patterns in your wardrobe. The ultimate fashion intuitive never shops for an entire outfit at once, but rather collects quality individual pieces during her travels and shopping excursions. Personal style is an artful balance of confidence and risk. Fashion Week is about invention, and so are the women who dress for it, so don’t live inside of trends — dare to create them.

Step 3: Don’t fear menswear

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the runways this season, it’s not to fear menswear-inspired looks. We aren’t saying raid your husband’s closet and wear a Hugo Boss suit to your business meeting tomorrow, but do try shopping in the men’s section of H&M for some basic layering pieces or search for a new oversized Marc Jacobs patterned trench. Combining basic masculine pieces with femininity and structure goes a long way this season.

Step 4: Define your signature

As all designers have learned, to be remembered you must have a signature. It could be anything from your power-bob hairstyle to your new Oscar de la Renta signature scent. Pick something about your style that represents you and make it the centerpiece of your daily look. Think Victoria Beckham and her love for black or Blake Lively and her loyalty to Christian Louboutin pumps. Find what speaks to you and stroll down your personal runway with it, daily.

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