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A movie star makeover inspired by Jessica Chastain

Cindy Joseph

The nominated roles for 2013 Oscars had the actresses who play them standing in war zones, homeless, nearly drowned and fighting desperately for their lives. Their looks are raw and real.

Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty

While acting out their roles, the 2013 Oscar-nominated actresses found themselves in war zones, homeless, nearly drowned and fighting desperately for their lives. Their looks are raw and real.

And lately, we aren’t seeing flawless skin, delicately placed blush or long, lush eyelashes. Yet, we still can’t take our eyes off of them! These are characters passionately fighting for what they believe in and doing whatever it takes to save those they love. And that is beautiful!

This year’s beauty trends from the most popular films are about paring down makeup and allowing your mood, your spirit and your natural features to come through — believable, realistic and authentic beauty. And it’s all there, just as Mother Nature designed you.

Go without makeup for a week or two until you find your features attractive. It is hard at first, because you may judge what you see in the mirror as washed out, drab and flat. After a day or so, that viewpoint will change. I find that this practice helps retain a realistic point of view as to what attractiveness really is. After you’ve let your skin breathe, try the fresh look inspired by Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty.

Enhance your raw beauty

  1. Beauty products to get Jessica Chastain's look

    Forgo foundation, concealer and powder.

  2. Use a gentle cleanser. Your skin will relax and start to take on a natural, healthy glow. I am a fan of Gentle Daily Cleanser by USANA Sense or Honey Girl Organics Facial Cleanser.
  3. A healing and protective moisturizer is a must. Try my Boomsilk by Cindy Joseph, Face and Eye Cream by Honey Girl Organics or Daily Moisturizer by USANA.
  4. Use a bronzer toned blush to add believable color to cheeks and eyelids. The brownish tone of a bronzer will keep your color from looking made up. Sun Bunny by Too Faced, Bronzer by Armani and Boomstick Color by Cindy Joseph are all great options!
  5. Use no-fiber mascara in brown tones to keep the no makeup look. Try Benefit BADgal Brown, Maybelline Great Lash or Covergirl Exact Eyelights.
  6. Lips can be stained with a brownish berry tone and should be well blotted so the color stains rather than coats your lips.

As you make your beauty regimen decisions this year, look to the movies for inspiration to go raw and real to discover your own authentic beauty.

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