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Easy ways to pimp your ride

Pimp it out by adding fun and functional accessories to your car!

Leatherette car seat covers

Leatherette seat covers

Fabric seats are functional, but they lack some serious luster. These leatherette seat covers (, $237) make your car look a lot classier after a quick installation. If you want something a little funkier, find seat covers in patterns and bright colors.

Leopard car mats

Mats and steering wheel covers

Add a little personality to your car by switching out the factory mats with fun, patterned mats. Show your wild side with these snow leopard mats (, $22). Pick out a matching steering wheel cover to pimp out your ride even more.

Video headrest replacements


If you have kids, you know they tend to get cranky on long (and sometimes short) car rides. Add TVs or DVD players to give them something to pass the time. These replacement headrests (Crutchfield, $600) come with built-in 9-inch televisions and DVD players. Just pull your old headrests out and slide these into their places. Some other installation is required. Sure, you can buy simple, portable DVD players to take along for the ride, but why go simple when you can go all out? Not only do these headrests come with covers in all interior colors, but they also come with game controllers.

iPod car charger

Bring your tunes

Nothing says “pimped-out ride” more than awesome music. Play your music from your iPod, iPhone or other mobile device right through your car speakers with this transmitter and charger (Best Buy, $18). Simply plug it into the charger and auxiliary jack (check your car because some older models don’t have this). Then set your phone on the dock and connect the auxiliary wire to the headphone jack. All your favorite tunes will be flowing through your car speakers in no time flat.

Car decalsDecals

Solid-color paint is boring, but paint jobs are not cheap. Add some extra detail to the outside of your car without ever setting foot in a body shop. Several websites offer custom decals, so you can create a look that’s perfect for you and transfer it onto your car in a flash. Not feeling creative? You can also order premade decals like the ones pictured here.

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