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Bold prints for your spring decor

Looking for a bold print to brighten up your room, but need inspiration? We’ve found four permanent and four temporary solutions, all great for any room in your home.

Permanent prints

Grey Medallion wallpaper at, $112.


The medallion trend is definitely a hot one in 2013. Not only is it great for bedding, blankets and pillows, but it’s awesome for walls as well. Avoid the accent-colored wall and go for medallion-printed wallpaper instead. Paint adjoining walls in similar colors, like this wall from, which shows us two great trends in one: pewter paired with medallion-printed wallpaper.

Find gray medallion wallpaper at for $112.

lattice wall stencil from


Lattice walls are a great choice for any home, because lattice pairs well with other prints. And by other, we mean anything! Lattice will look great in white on a bright wall, or in a bright color over a white wall. Choose bedding or throw pillows in similar colors to combine other textures and prints.

We found our inspiration for the lattice wall stencil at Download the stencil there free!

re-usable Moroccan wall stencil


Moroccan is another hot 2013 trend, and we can see why! It’s a very sexy, attractive print that will make any home look amazing. If looking for sleek appeal, choose to go black and white with a Moroccan wall stencil and adorn it with a gem color.

We love this reusable Moroccan wall stencil for $40 from

Chevron wall stencil

Chevron or textured

Chevron was introduced to the world of home decor in 2012, and we have yet to get over it. Chevron is a wonderful print, because it looks good with any style. With a modern look, choose a gray-and-white color combo. For a French country look, go with yellow or light blue. Paint only one wall to avoid chevron overload.

Another find is this chevron wall stencil priced at $34.

Temporary prints

Bold flower

Bold flower

Do you want a wall to stand out, but you’re afraid of a permanent solution? Go with one of these bold flower prints! Center it in the wall as the main focal point, and pair it with a neutral-colored wall for a bright flower, or paint the wall something bright if you choose to go with a neutral flower hue.

Find these bold flower prints and more from Ikea, priced from $10 to $130.

Graffiti Art

Graffiti art

Graffiti art is an awesome way to make a statement wall in your home. It will look great with homes decorated in bold colors or pewter tones, or homes adorned with modern furniture. Like the flower prints, hang your graffiti art in the center of a room to bring attention to its uniqueness.

Right now, we love these Americana-inspired prints from, ranging from $30 to $65.



Not only is vinyl a great temporary solution to a bold print on your wall, it’s also one of the least expensive. Found in various colors, prints and sizes, vinyl can be a great fixture in any home decor scheme. And best of all, when you’re ready for the next trend, just peel it off!

Find these vinyl decals and more at for $5 to $17.

Wrapping Paper/Fabric/Etc.

Wrapping paper, fabric, etc.

Do you love the stripe trend, but you’re afraid to take the time and money to adorn your walls with stripes? Go for wrapping paper or fabric! That’s right, choose the color scheme for your home and frame it! Place wrapping paper or fabric in a poster-sized frame and center it on your wall. If you like it, you know that you can take the plunge with paint.

Striped wrapping paper is available from for $6 to $28.

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