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So you tried injections: How to cover bruising afterwards

The decision to get cosmetic injections, from wrinkle freezers like BOTOX to wrinkle fillers like Restylane, is a big one for women.

Woman getting injection into eye area

Not only are you undergoing a cosmetic procedure that will alter the look of your face, but you are committing to the cost and upkeep of the treatments. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with undergoing these treatments, which can be considered a facelift without the surgery! If you finally tried facial injections, it’s quite possible that you will bruise after. Here’s how to deal!

What happens if you bruise?

VitaMedica's Arnica Anti-Bruise Ki

Bruising can be a common occurrence when you get facial injections. With sensitive skin areas and veins, no doctor can guarantee that you will not bruise. To prevent bruising, you need to be prepared, so stop taking omega-3, vitamin E or flaxseed supplements at least one week prior to your procedures. You should also avoid taking ibuprofen a few days before, and finally try not to consume alcohol the night before. All of these increase your chance of bleeding and bruising.

You can try taking two supplements that have been shown to prevent bruising, such as arnica and bromelain (one to try is VitaMedica’s Arnica Anti-Bruise Kit, (, $36). You can take one dose of arnica the morning of your appointment, and then immediately after your injections. If you do bruise, you can take it each day until bruising has subsided. I also like to apply arnica cream to the injection areas to help reduce bruising or swelling. Bromelain is a pineapple-based enzyme that also helps to reduce inflammation and bruising. You can take bromelain two to three days prior to your injections and continue for one week after.

Cover it up

If you do bruise, there is help. First of all, continue icing the bruised areas once you get home as long as you can. Next, apply your arnica cream to the bruised areas. Now comes the tricky part because you don’t want to tell the world that you just got facial injections but it looks like you were in a fight! I recently bruised badly because I forgot to stop my flaxseed oil supplements before my treatments. I completely forgot to listen to my own advice… and during the procedure my doctor mentioned that I was bleeding more than usual, had I taken an ibuprofen or omega-3 supplements in the last few days? Of course the answer was yes, so he told me to prepare for the bruising.

Foundation to cover bruises

Here is what you should have on hand if you do bruise: a high-level concealer and powder combination, like Laura Mercier Undercover Pot (, $40), a spray foundation, such as Aerominerale’s Hydrating Mineral Foundation (, $20), and a portable pencil concealer like L’Oreal’s True Match Crayon Concealer (, $9).

You also need a good concealer brush which will allow for the most accurate application. First, use your concealer brush and apply the heavy duty concealer gently. Next, use the setting powder to lightly dab the area. I also like a creamy pencil concealer because it glides over the bruise and you can take it with you for touchups (nothing like a bruise starting to show through!). I also recommend a makeup setting spray such as Urban Decay’s Chill Makeup Setting Spray (, $35) to make sure nothing reveals the bruising!

Plan accordingly

Another important part of getting injections is timing. Try to make your appointments at least two weeks prior to a big event just in case you have swelling or bruising. You should also make sure they are within your budget when you do get the procedure. There are times you might need more areas treated and sometimes less, depending on how your body responds. For example, there are times when I can go longer without getting my forehead treated but definitely need to get the lines around my eyes touched up. Also, wrinkle fillers work differently on everyone, so you may not get the same results in terms of how long the fillers last as your friend.

Understand where you want the injections

Finally, now that you have taken the plunge on facial injections, be careful not to get carried away. Some people go overboard with wrinkle freezers and fillers and develop an artificial look to their face. A good doctor will actually tell you they will not do the treatment on you at a certain point. If you feel like your face looks “different,” then you have done too much. You should look like a refreshed version of yourself!

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