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Busting mommy style myths

You can be an awesome mom without sacrificing your style. With a little thought and effort, you can bust these mommy style myths.

Mommy myth: Moms look tired

Moms are tired, that’s no myth. We don’t have to look it, though! If you don’t have time for a full face of makeup, apply mascara to brighten your eyes and lip gloss to brighten the rest of your face. Don’t forget the under-eye concealer — it’s a big must-have! You’ll look wide awake and well-rested in seconds. Stash these items in your purse, car or diaper bag for quick applications when you need them.

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Mommy myth: The ponytail

Moms don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning, but they have many more options than a boring ponytail!

If all you have is five minutes to do your hair, try a top knot, faux bob, low bun or braid. Leave the ponytail to your six-year-old!

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Mommy myth: The mom bag

Moms don’t have to sport giant, carry-it-all purses. Keep all of your must-have items in a cute clutch.

It slides right down in a diaper bag when you’ve got the kiddos, and you can grab it and go when you get some time out on your own.

JeansMommy myth: The mom jeans

It’s a fashion term that every new mom dreads: mom jeans. While these jeans do, in fact, exist, the need for them does not. Moms have unlimited options when it comes to jeans. The number of brands, styles, fits and colors available is enough to make your head spin. You want skinny jeans? Go ahead, mom, they’re out there! You want bootcut jeans that aren’t so high-waisted they touch your bra? We promise, you can find them!

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FlatsMommy myth: The sneakers

Let’s face it. It’s a common misconception that moms are frumpy from head to toe. Let’s bust that myth from the bottom up, starting with the shoes! Sneakers are quick and comfy, but so are flats, and they’re a whole lot cuter. Even better is that you can usually find flats at fairly low prices, so you can amass a nice collection in a short amount of time. Skip those sneakers and throw on a pair of flats — either shiny and black, patterned, or with a pop of bright color — to add a touch of fun to your wardrobe.

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