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5-minute hairstyles for busy moms

The Beachwaver

The Beachwaver

This is by far my favorite go-to hairstyle for my everyday look. It takes just minutes to do, and it really does stay for days! With a little dry shampoo, I’m able to make this look last up to three days, which is perfect for a busy mom who still wants to look cute. It’s definitely my favorite of the four for ease and lasting potential.

The topknot

The topknot

This one was a little confusing to me, possibly because I didn’t have the hair wrap (that would have helped!). Instead, I cut off the toe part of a sock and rolled it up to resemble a scrunchie. Then I looked up how to do a sock bun online, and in just two minutes I had this perfect-looking topknot. It was so easy and so secure that it stayed all day! I didn’t even need hairspray or bobby pins. I would say this is my second favorite, since it was the easiest and most secure updo I’ve ever worn.

The pseudo bob

The psuedo bob

Okay, this one was super fun to do, and also only took maybe five minutes to perfect. It did take quite a few bobby pins to make it feel nice and secure, but once I had it together, I looked like a new me. This look does take a bit of hairspray to keep in place, and throughout the day I was messing with it to make sure it stayed in place. Yet, even with the little bit of fuss, I think it’s a style I will definitely do again. While I loved this look almost the most, I have to put this one in third place, only because it took a little more effort to keep together.

The low, loose bun

Low, loose bun

This look was by far the toughest for me to figure out and keep in place. I thought I was following the tutorial perfectly, yet my end result looked nothing like the model’s. Regardless, I thought how it ended up was still pretty cute, and I think maybe with more practice — and more bobby pins — I could eventually get it right. Because I didn’t have a whole lot of luck, this look comes in last place for me, mostly because if I can’t get it right quickly and easily the first time, it’s not a look I can go to for a quick ‘do.

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