On-the-go wrinkle solutions

When your weekday mommy wardrobe mainly consists of jeans and a T-shirt, it’s easy to forget that you might actually need to release wrinkles from your dressier clothing. And oh no! Just minutes before you head out the door, you realize your favorite dressy top is filled with frumpy wrinkles. Not to worry. Anyone can manage these handy wrinkle tricks on the fly.


Steam it up

You’re about to take your daily shower when you realize your work pants are creased and crinkled. Skip the iron — clip them on a pants hanger and let the steam do the work!

Take your typical warm-to-hot shower, making sure to close the door behind you so steam builds in the bathroom. As soon as you get out, dry off and head over to your pants.

Section by section, hold the fabric taut until the wrinkles release. This might not work for deep wrinkles, but for tiny creases, it easily does the trick.

Wrinkle release spray

There are many types of wrinkle release spray on the market, such as Downy Wrinkle Releaser. Or you can simply make you own with one teaspoon of white fabric softener and one cup of water. Mix them in a water bottle with a fine mist setting. Keep a travel-size bottle in your purse or car for emergency situations. When a wrinkle problem presents itself, simply mist the article of clothing and hold the section taut, exactly as described in the steam method. When you don’t have steam at your disposal, this might be your best bet!

The car window

On those extra hot, blaringly sunny summer days, you can use the weather to release your wrinkles, all while making the drive to your destination. When you’re ready to head out the door, place your garment on a hanger on the hook above the door in the back of your car. Make sure the garment is facing directly toward the sun. Just as an iron would apply heat to release wrinkles, the sun will do the same. When you’re ready to wear the garment, simply pull it taut to make sure all the wrinkles are released.

Dryer method

So maybe that shirt has been on your floor a little longer than you’re willing to admit. When it’s ready for a wear, simply pop it in the dryer on high heat for five minutes.

The heat will release the wrinkles. Plus, the spinning drum will make sure the shirt doesn’t develop any new wrinkles in the process.

Once five minutes are up, immediately pull out the garment and wear it.

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