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Simple ways to motivate yourself to dress up

Sure, staying in your jammies all day can be totally tempting. But once you hear what these fashion experts have to say, you’ll be dying to dress up every chance you get!

Look pretty & polished

Sure, staying in your jammies all day can be totally tempting. But once you hear what these fashion experts have to say, you’ll be dying to dress up every chance you get!

Keep it fun


“Dressing up offers you a great opportunity to play around with your personal style,” explains fashion designer Karen Kane.

Instead of falling back into a typical mom outfit choice, try on some items you wouldn’t normally wear. “For instance, whenever I go into a dressing room, I always like to include one piece that’s out of my comfort zone,” she says. “It’s the perfect place to take risks, and if you fall in love with the item, you can easily expand your style. If you don’t, you can leave it there, no harm done!”

Shop your closet


It’s exciting to clean out your closet and get rid of all the clothes you haven’t worn in years, and, of course, discover the ones you loved pre-kids and pretty much forgot about until now, notes designer Ramy Sharp of Ramy Brook.

“Organize your closet by color, and imagine pairing a cool piece of jewelry with your outfit to really make it pop. Hire a babysitter, call up a friend, meet at a fun bar, wear your ‘new’ goodies out and have a blast!”

QUICK TIP:  It’s easy to slip into a style rut. If you’ve got a Windows Phone, create a “group” with your friends and share pictures of your outfits in a “room.” Instant accountability and great inspiration for tomorrow’s look!

Remember: first impressions are key

According to Foundry owner Aedan Macdonald, dressing up is the perfect excuse to let others know exactly who you are and feel wonderful about it.

“It gives you the chance to make a good first impression before you’ve ever even opened your mouth,” he says. And hey, you never know who you’re going to run into, or where, for that matter…

It can help you get what you want

“The power of persuasion and the psychology of color are two great reasons to dress up and look your best when you’re out and about,” divulges former Hollywood stylist and co-author of Affordable Couture, Linda Arroz. “If you need an ally at work or play, wearing the right colors can attract and influence others. If you’re trapped in black (which can mean you’re relying on the same old, same old), you may be transmitting messages that you’re boring, even if you look gorgeous in the color.” So why not mix things up, moms?

Words to live by

“At my first job out of design school I sat near one of the sales reps for the company. Daily, I mused as she would arrive to the office totally put together. One day I asked her why she was always so dressed up just to come hang out with us designers at the office. She looked at me knowingly with wisdom in her voice and said, ‘Though I only go out for appointments once in awhile, it’s usually on an emergency call and I never know what kind of situation I am walking into with a customer. I learned long ago that I can’t control what will happen during a meeting, but if all else fails, at least I looked good!’ I never forgot this nugget of wisdom.” — Melissa Sweet, bridal designer for David’s Bridal

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