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Shopping with Summer: Playdate time

Playdates can be fun, but they can also be a little messy with all those kids around, you know… playing! So, while you definitely want to dress comfortably, there are some key playdate pieces that are must-haves for your closet. Time to pull off comfy chic.

Playdate fashion

Most moms prefer to be comfortable in sweats and comfy tees, especially when spending the day around crazy active kids.

But, there are most definitely ways to feel comfortable yet look stylish at the same time all the while leaving the sweats in the closet where they belong. Try pairing some long gaucho pants (found also with pleats or sheer legs, not to mention many other fun styles!) with a cute comfy top, and finish it off with a fun pair of simple flats.

Summer’s outfit

It’s always been my dream to wear pants with elastic (e.g. sweats!) every day of my life. BUT, I just love fashion way too much to take that to any extreme. Instead, I’ve found that the long gaucho pants are the cutest alternative. That said, when it comes to getting the kids together with their friends, I know it’ll be really busy and we’ll be getting up and down, so I want to be comfortable. By choosing this outfit, I still feel like I’m in my sweats, but look like I put some effort into my look. Anyway, it’s all about “looking” like you have it all together, right?

Outfit details

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Playdate fashion

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