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First class travel accessories on a budget

You may be flying coach, but you still deserve first class treatment! Pamper yourself and ease your travel jitters with these affordable travel accessories.

iB43 fashion headphones
travel accessories

Flying high
on the cheap

You may be flying coach, but you still deserve first class treatment! Pamper yourself and ease your travel jitters with these affordable travel accessories.

iB43 fashion headphones

The easiest way to block out the crying baby and Chatty Kathy seated next to you is to throw on a pair of headphones. Don’t opt for the tiny, in-ear buds, though. Make it clear you want to tune in to personal entertainment with an oversized over-ear version, like the iB43 fashion headphones. With five different designer patterns to choose from, you’ll look like you should be seated in first class, even if you could barely scrape together the fare for coach. (iHome, $30)


Clipa handbag hanger

Whether you’re heading to the airport or hitting the road for a road trip, chances are you’re going to end up using a less-than-pristine bathroom. Don’t let your purse or travel bag hit the floor! Hang it from practically anything with the Clipa handbag hanger — a hanger you can wear on your wrist as a bracelet or clip around your purse handle when not in use. The hanger carries up to 45 pounds and comes in a variety of colors and styles for prices ranging from $20 to $40.

touchfire keyboard

Touchfire keyboard

You need to work while traveling, but there’s nothing worse than trying to pack and unpack a bulky laptop as you head through airport security. Skip the hassle and speed through security like a pro by turning your iPad into a work-friendly “computer” with the Touchfire iPad keyboard. Simply secure the flexible keyboard directly to the front of your iPad for a tactile typing experience and when you’re done, roll it up and pack it away. (Touchfire, $50)

hudson and bleeker travel bags

Hudson+Bleecker Bombay Citrine travel accessories

The key to first class travel is a little bit of fashion, a little bit of confidence and a lot of double-duty products that cut down on the amount of luggage you have to carry. Hudson+Bleecker’s line of travel accessories enable you to organize your cosmetics and jewelry with ease before heading out the door using one as a clutch or bag. There are lots of cute options to choose from, but we love the flashy style of the Bombay Citrine line. Each piece ranges in price from $46 to $86.

pan am passport covers

Unique Vintage Pan Am passport cover

Heading overseas? Ditch the boring passport cover and pick up an adorable vintage Pan Am cover for only $24. The exterior is a heavy-duty PVC that will stand up to years of high-flying use, while the interior will securely hold your ID, credit cards and, of course, your passport. (Unique Vintage, $24)

one love one heart blanket

Lyric Culture One Love double-sided blanket

Airplanes are frequently kept at chilly temperatures, but many airlines have stopped handing out small, scratchy blankets… unless you’re willing to pay. Instead of forking out the cash on each trip, pack your own delightfully cozy, delightfully long blanket. We love the One Love micro mink blanket from Lyric Culture. At 60 inches long and 50 inches wide, it’s large enough to share with a seatmate, and the graphic song lyrics give it a cool-girl vibe you won’t get from the airline’s generic coverlets. (Lyric Culture, $50)

T3 hair straightener

T3 SinglePass compact flat iron

If you’re trying to smash all your full-sized beauty products into your carry-on bag, you’re fighting a losing battle. Skip the big blow dryers and flat irons, opting instead for compact travel accessories. While the T3 SinglePass compact flat iron isn’t the cheapest compact styling tool on the market, it wins major points for being affordable and smart. Heating to 410 degrees, it emits maximum levels of ions from its tourmaline plates, and, best of all, it has worldwide voltage, automatically adjusting to the power supply no matter where in the world you are! (T3 micro, $79)

anywhere comfort travel pillow

Anywhere Comfort travel neck pillow

Nothing says “amateur traveler” more than the inflatable neck pillows you snag from the airport gift shop before you board your red-eye flight. Think ahead and get your beauty sleep by purchasing an Anywhere Comfort travel neck pillow. Made from memory foam, this pillow conforms to your head, guaranteeing support and comfort; plus, it can be used in six different configurations. Just roll it up and hook it to your bag when you’re done. What could be easier? (Anywhere Comfort, $25)

portfolio duo iphone case

Kensington Portafolio Duo wallet for iPhone 5

Every first-class traveler knows that an easy trip is all about making the most of limited space. Instead of taking up precious room in your one “personal” item (we all know it’s the biggest monster-purse you could find), skip the traditional wallet and use a wallet/phone case combo instead. The Kensington Portafolio Duo wallet for iPhone 5 will keep your phone safe while also storing away your ID and credit cards. You can even download a few videos to your iPhone for easy mid-flight viewing, because the Kensington Portafolio Duo has a built-in hands-free stand. Set it up on your meal tray and watch away! (Kensington, $40)

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