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Lock it up: 5 handbags with locks

Don’t forego style for security! Grab one of these cute bags with locks to look great while keeping pickpockets at bay.

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Keep your goods under lock and key

Don’t forego style for security! Grab one of these cute bags with locks to look great while keeping pickpockets at bay.
We love these totes and purses that work for travel, play and business. With their clever design and stylish appearance, a purse from this list will keep your items safe… and also keep you from looking like you’re carrying a portable bunker.

Lock-a-Bye tote

No one will know you’re carrying a secure tote bag when you throw the Lock-a-Bye over your shoulder. The bag’s adorable patterns, pockets and details make it look like a purse for everyday use, but the Lock-a-Bye is theft-resistant in every way. It features slash-resistant material, a key-operated locking mechanism on the zipper and a cable sewn into the shoulder strap so you can attach it to a stationary object. In fact, you could leave the Lock-a-Bye secured to a stationary item and walk away from it with the key without worrying about the security of your possessions. (Lock-a-Bye, $150)

PacSafe citysafe bag

Pacsafe Citysafe 100 GII herringbone

Pacsafe is well known as a manufacturer of secure travel bags. The bag featured here is a nice update to more typical Pacsafe offerings because it looks like a purse rather than a travel bag fit for Bear Grylls. The Citysafe handbag features slash-resistant material, a locking hook on the strap, additional zipper security and RFID-blocking material to prevent hackers from obtaining your credit card or passport information through your bag. (PacSafe, $70)

Viewinbox Fashion Locks Clutch

Viewinbox Fashion Locks Clutch

This cute clutch from Viewinbox Fashion comes in at a lower price than the other bags mentioned here, in part because it does not have as many theft protections as the other picks. But if you’re just in the market for a simple bag with a simple lock, this leather clutch is a striking finish to an ensemble. It comes in on-trend orange or mustard yellow. (Ali Express, $33)

Kyss bag rasberry pink

Kyss bag

The Kyss tote bag is similar to the items from Lock-a-Bye and Pacsafe in terms of security, but at a lower price point it may prove to be a slightly more accessible option for consumers. The bag itself locks and also has a strap that securely attaches to a stationary object. However, the Kyss bag definitely looks like a tote or travel bag rather than a purse. But as we all know, tote bags are perfectly appropriate for trips to the beach, so have fun knowing your items are secure. (Kyss Bags, $45)

Montecito small tote

Montecito small tote

We round out our list with this tote from Magellan’s because it boasts a slash-proof design and clever locking options. If you just want to deter a thief without locking yourself out of your belongings, the bag’s corners clip into a hook in the middle of the tote to prevent greedy hands from slipping in to pick your wallet. But if you want more security, a simple lock from Magellan’s can hold the corners securely in place (you must purchase the lock separately). (Magellan’s, $129)

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