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What do celebrity couples’ outfits reveal about their relationship?

When a celebrity couple gets together, everyone’s fascinated with what happens when they get undressed. But, if you want to know what’s really going on in their relationship, take a deeper look at the way they get DRESSED when they’re together! Celebrities are nothing if not chameleons, changing the way they present themselves depending on what role they’re playing — be it on a movie set or in the privacy of their relationship.

Celeb love dressing
Kathryn Eisman

Since celebs are forever morphing into the person they want to be or the person they think their partner seeks, do they start dressing alike? It’s the sartorial equivalent of mirroring each other’s behavior in order to build intimacy and connection. Do they suddenly “scrub up,” trying to be the best they can be?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I have dissected and decoded some of Hollywood’s most intriguing couples’ clothes to uncover what’s brewing beneath the designer leather and silk.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

What it says: “Good girl seeks bad boy on best behavior.”

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

After years in single girl Siberia, Jen Aniston has finally found what she’s been looking for — a naughty boy who knows how to treat her like a lady. Here’s how we know.

Classic tailored casual wear — after a dash of experimenting with leather jackets and her bad side, Jen has returned to her good girl ways with her trademark classic tailored double breasted jacket, clean cut jeans and pristine sneakers. This reveals that she doesn’t have to pretend to be wild and outrageous (Angie, you listening?) to be desirable and loved by Justin. In other words, she’s loved by an interesting guy for being her boring old self!

Meanwhile, Justin understands that Jen is attracted to the bad boy type and so his edgy, slightly rocker clothing plays up to that desire. He also dresses in just distressed enough leather boots and jacket which show he’s in the role of protector, something Jen desperately seeks in order to feel safe.

However, Justin has refined his bad boy looks with some cleanly shaven skin and expensive fashion pieces which reflects his deep desire to “please” Jen and be on his best behavior for her. His expensive aviator shades and gold watch show that he’s stepped into the role of leading man and is more socially ambitious than he lets on.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

What it says: “We are pop culture royalty. Beyonce and Jay-Z, watch your back!”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Done with trying to be “normal” and apologizing for her fabulous life, Kim has finally hooked up with a man who is even more of a diva than she is. And she couldn’t be happier! It took her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries for Kim to realize that she didn’t want an “ordinary life,” and her relationship with Kanye has given her permission to embrace her inner princess.

Since hooking up with Mr. West, Kim’s style has undergone a haute couture makeover that includes saying goodbye to her Valley Girl sweats and shiny, saccharine fashion. Determined to impress her superstar beau, the cleavage has been reduced, the sequins have been dialed down and black and white has become the order of the day. Her new favorite names are Balenciaga and any other high fashion European label that mere mortals can hardly pronounce, let alone purchase… part of her borrowing from his elitist view of where they stand in society.

Her dialed up style also reflects her desire to be taken seriously by Kanye and the world at large. She wants to entirely shed her cheesy reality TV image and be seen as an internationally respected A-list mogul. Kanye is clearly in the role of mentor and Kim is his muse. Kim’s still a little bit afraid of Kanye and very much wants his approval.

The traditional tux/gown styling reveals that as modern as they are (baby before marriage!), they both have traditional values when it comes to male and female roles within a relationship. Kim likes to fuss over her man and play the role of coy wife to a stronger male figure. Kanye, on the other hand, likes to be with a femme fatale but one who’s ultra-feminine and loves babies, fashion and family… so it’s a match made in heaven!

His designer tuxes and custom creations show his need to be admired and recognized (ego, anyone?). However, her strong color and structured tailoring shows that in her own way, Kim gets what she wants too! His polished, tapered shoes show that he has very high standards and expects the best.

They want the same things in life — glamour, fame, fabulousness and family, so there is very little to argue about!

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

What it says: “We are real people, individual thinkers, who know how to switch off from the ‘Hollywood machine.’”

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

Both stars in their own right, when funny guy Jason hooked up with green eyed goddess Olivia, he found exactly what he was looking for — a glamorous Hollywood leading lady who was very un-Hollywood on her days off.

The dark shades reveal that both of them value their privacy, and while they are equally ambitious, they also seek a real life away from the watchful glare of the media. This shared need for a “real” relationship is the reason why their love goes from strength to strength.

Mismatching clothing — While they are very connected, both of them have a very strong sense of identity and don’t need to feel joined at the hip. They celebrate their independence and have a great deal of trust and respect for one another.

The plaid shirt — This is worn by a man who feels very comfortable in his own skin. He’s the anti-pretty boy, which is something Olivia adores.

Her scuffed suede booties show that despite her magazine covers, she’s happiest just hanging out “like one of the boys” and has a wicked, even slightly dirty sense of humor.

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