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10 Cute wallets with secret compartments

Stash your cash safely while accessorizing stylishly with these whimsical and practical wallets with secret, undercover compartments.

Undercover compartments
Woman with change purse

We all know that it’s a good idea to keep cash on hand, but you may feel nervous about carrying cash or other valuables on your body. Luckily, you can have your cake and eat it, too! Here are 10 picks for cute wallets with secret compartments so you can feel a little more secure when you’re out and about with cash on hand.


Owl wallet

Baroque owl bifold duct tape wallet

This little handmade wallet may be made out of duct tape, but it is absolutely adorable. The cute owl on the front is actually an extra pocket. It may not be the most secure product on this list, but it’s definitely a conversation starter. (Etsy, $17)


Fossil wallet

Fossil key-per zip multifunction

Fossil has a variety of wallets with hidden features, but we especially like this one for its bright colors and fun pattern. (Fossil, $40)


Hobo wallet

Hobo Lauren double frame clutch

This lovely leather wallet with a snap closure conceals a zip pocket at one end of its frame. It can work as a clutch if you want to forego your purse altogether. (Nordstrom, $128)


Iphone wallet

EYN iPhone wallet

Many women just grab their smartphone and a credit card and hit the road. Now you won’t have to forego security for convenience, because this little smartphone cover has a hidden compartment where you can hide your belongings. (EYN Products, $30)


cuff wrist wallet

On-the-go leather wrist wallet

Leather cuffs are fun accessories that deliver an extra dash of character to an everyday outfit. This leather cuff with an oh-so-hot military motif has a hidden wallet underneath the band so you can store cash or cards safely. (Etsy, $65)


Bling wallet

PortaPocket bling pocket

While not technically a wallet, this little device is strapped to your thigh, making it very practical and handy for a night on the town. It allows you to safely and discreetly store your belongings while dancing and dining, and no one will be the wiser. (PortaPocket, $25)


smart wallet


This clever little number helps users protect one of the most valuable items a modern working woman has on hand: a smartphone. The SmartWallet doubles as a purse, and it keeps your phone completely hidden while it’s closed. It’s also designed so that you can text and even take calls without ever removing it from the wallet. (Nicole Kelner Designs, $50)


My wallit

Mywalit mini organizer handbag

We love this wallet because it’s part organizer and part purse, all in a beautifully handcrafted and bright leather package. It features several hidden compartments. (Mywalit, $175)


Pac safe wallet

Pacsafe trifold travel wallet

For the serious traveler, the Pacsafe wallet has security features that extend beyond just hidden compartments. The wallet can strap into your purse, and the currency compartments are zippered to keep pickpockets at bay. (Le Travel Store, $25)


Louie v wallet

Louis Vuitton key pouch

We just can’t resist this beautiful key pouch. If you want to dress like an alpha woman, consider it your own wickedly expensive secret compartment by securing it to the inside of your purse by the fob. (Louis Vuitton, $365)

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