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Coffee maker roundup

Shh. I have a secret for you. Did you know that there are a lot of people out there who love coffee? Crazy, right? Most people even depend on the stuff. On top of that, did you know that people also love saving money?

Woman enjoying a cup of coffee
Cuisinart Perfec Temp brewer

Perfec Temp 14-cup coffee maker

Whether you’re the coffee connoisseur or the novice who likes their coffee extra hot without compromising taste or quality, this is the perfect choice for you. Cuisinart uses state-of-the-art coffee-making technology to bring you a product that turns up the heat on your cup of joe, giving you that extra kick you desperately need in the morning. Equipped with a sleek, smooth look and a user-friendly control panel, this is sure to be the perfect counter-top accessory for your kitchen. (Cuisinart Perfec Temp, $100)

krupps km9000


Mornings are full of hustle and bustle, and it’s common to completely forget about the delicious cup of coffee you just brewed. It’s such a tragedy when you waste a perfectly good pot. Well, fret no more, you caffeine addicts. Your coffee is no longer in danger, thanks to the Krups KM9000. Complete with a dual heating system, the KM9000 will keep your coffee safe and bursting full of flavor for up to four hours after you brewed it. So feel free to go about your morning — your coffee is in good hands. (Krups KM9000, $200)

Hamilton Beach brewstation

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit

Have you ever broken a coffee pot? If you have, then you know how annoying it can be to pick up all the little shards of glass. You end up finding most of the shards with your bare feet about a week later. The Hamilton Beach BrewStation has eliminated this threat by taking away the pot and replacing it with a one-hand quick dispenser. If you’re tired of pouring your coffee out of the impossible spigot on the pot, the quick dispenser is sure to cut down on spills as well. It’s about time you give yourself, and your paper towels, a rest. (Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit, $70)

Keurig mini

Keurig MINI Plus brewing system

Aww, isn’t it cute? This brewer may be small, but it’s mighty. The Keuring MINI gives you all the benefits of a normal-size coffee maker, it’s just more compact. The MINI is perfect for travel. Imagine waking up in your hotel room, exhausted from the business meetings the day before, and all you want is a nice, hot, delicious cup of coffee. Ditch the hotel’s stale and confusing coffee maker for the Keurig MINI instead. Sounds like a pretty easy decision. (Keurig MINI Plus brewing system, $100)

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

Let’s face it, sometimes “regular” coffee can get pretty boring and mundane. I know, change can be scary, and trying new things may give you anxiety, but hear me out. Why not expand your horizons a little bit with the Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte? With one simple touch, you can brew the latte while simultaneously heating and frothing the milk. No more coffeehouse runs to get your double mochachino frappuccino or whatever other type of chino, because the cafe latte maker provides you with a book of over 20 recipes of new drinks to try. So why not ditch the ordinary and treat yourself to a delicious, creamy cup of adventure? (Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte, $120)

Mr coffee cafe latte

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