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5 Things your spring wardrobe needs today

If you live in a region that gets cold during the winter months (and for those who don’t, good for you! And no, we don’t mean that — not even a little), you can’t wait for spring. Spring brings with it the promise of pedicures, sun on our skin and new spring trends. Bring spring home with one of these style must-haves.


Polka dots

Polka dot shirt

If you feel like throwbacks from your grandma’s closet have hit the racks this spring, you’re right! We have Kate Middleton and Taylor Swift to thank for making granny (or classic, if you prefer) styles a thing again. The exciting thing about these styles is that they look good on everyone, and when trendsetters like Kate wear classic designs, they become fresh and sexy again. Best of all, a purchase of a polka dot design like this dress (Target, $9) is never a waste of your money. They are always appropriate for the office, a lunch date or for attending a spring wedding.


Metallic magic

Metallic tank

In 2013, we’re putting the spring pedal to the metal. Metallic is holding spring fashion down and having its way with it. We see this trend in tops like this one (Frederick’s of Hollywood, $59), dresses, shoes and wrist cuffs.

The brilliant thing about metallics is they go with everything and can instantly make any look more edgy. Wear this look with confidence, but don’t overdo it. Remember when it comes to shine, there’s a fine line between sparkly and burning someone’s retina.


The trifecta shoe

Black and white shoe

This shoe (LuLu’s, $38) brings three of spring’s shoe trends to one place — black and white, wedges and straps. Black and white has been an important trend on spring runways, but if the monochromatic scheme doesn’t speak to you, this is a fun way to bring the trend to your wardrobe.

If a wedge isn’t for you, look for spring shoes with lots of straps — trust us, they won’t be hard to find.



Indian inspired dress

Now that Middle Eastern and India-inspired fashions are here, we have but one question. What took so long? These styles are long (hiding a variety of body issues), luxurious and gorgeous.

They also take a bit of confidence to carry off, so if you don’t think a bold statement like this is for you, you can still indulge in this trend with a handkerchief dress or with a maxi dress with an India-inspired print, like this one (Venus, $40). Look how this style showcases the girls, but still offers ample coverage without looking like a nightgown.


Short suits


A pair of shorts turned into a suit (Forever 21, top $16) had an omnipresence on spring fashion runways. We love this versatile look because it’s youthful, and it brings a little femininity to an otherwise masculine look.

Pair this look with a professional pair of flats or pumps, but toss a contrasting pair of edgy heels in your car to take this ensemble from the office to an evening out. The shorts suit is clever from a practicality standpoint as well. On a cool spring morning, a blazer or jacket is a layer that will keep you comfortable, but it can be removed later as the day warms up! Smart and cute — isn’t that what fashion is all about?

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