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Maria Menounos dishes on relaxing outdoors

When Maria Menounos isn’t busy with her Extra duties and countless commitments, she unwinds in her front yard with her favorite furry friends.

Maria Menounos

As homeowners, we tend to spend so much time perfecting our backyard sanctuaries that we often forget to give any attention to the front. We’ve rounded up a few suggestions to make your front yard the place to be!

Add a little color


We all know flowers add instant pop and beauty to any yard. Plant a nice garden with some of your favorite florals to bring new life to your front yard. While gardening can take a lot of effort and a nice chunk of change, we suggest planting some perennials that will grow back each year and save you a lot of time, effort and money!

Put some swing into it

Outdoor swing

There are few things as good as lounging on a porch swing after a long day. It adds just the right amount of whimsy to liven up any space. Use your front yard as a place to relax and read your favorite bestseller, spend some alone time with your sweetheart or as a place for the kids to hang out with friends outside. Browse some gorgeous and affordable swings to add to your home at the Porch Swing Company.

Find a shady spot

Plant a tree

If you find your front yard to be a little too bare, try planting a tree and making it the focal point of the yard. It’s as easy as picking the seedling you want and choosing the perfect spot. You could even do it as a family activity and watch it grow for years to come. If you want to add some more color or variety, choose your favorite fruit tree. It doubles as a beautiful landscape and produces delicious homegrown products. Do you already have a nice big tree taking up space in your front yard? Adding a pretty bench underneath will accent the space and create a nice place to relax in the shade during those sweltering summer days.

Choose unique decor

Adirondack chair

Set up a little outdoor sitting area out front to enjoy the scenery and neighborhood without being blocked off by your backyard fence. Find some fun and decorative chairs and small accent tables. Pick up this gorgeous and affordable Adirondack chair from World Market that will brighten up your space and give you a place to have your morning cup of coffee, chat with some friends or catch up with neighbors. Also look for unique tables in fun colors, like a turquoise or bright yellow bistro set that will set off all the other beautiful colors in your yard.

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