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Real Moms Speak: How pregnancy changes beauty

We all know that pregnant women get a gorgeous glow — not only from the happiness that pregnancy can bring but from hormones working overtime! However, sometimes the outlook is not so pretty. Nausea, fatigue, over-zealous hormones combined with having to avoid most skin care products with harsh chemicals or treatments force moms-to-be to alter their regular beauty regimens. I spoke with real moms and mom bloggers to find out what the biggest change in their beauty routine was during pregnancy.

Woman putting lotion on stomach

When I first became pregnant, I know that my biggest change was not being able to get wrinkle-freezing treatments on my forehead! I came up with a quick fix by asking my hairdresser to cut bangs. Thanks to pregnancy hormones, my hair was long and thick and bangs added a chic and fun change to my look! The advice from real moms ranged from treating pregnancy-related issues, like stretch marks and melasma, to adding simple ways to perk up their look while pregnant.

Here’s what they shared:

Clarisonic Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing System

Mom favorite: Clarisonic system (, $175)

Kerrie Thompson, mom of four boys

I was not able to use any retinol, glycolic or vitamin C products during my pregnancy. I made sure to exfoliate my skin and I bought the Clarisonic system. I also had a few microdermabrasion treatments to keep the texture of my skin in good shape.

Romy Schorr, mom of one and blogger at RomyRaves

I had to lay off my go-to, more aggressive anti-aging products like retinol and hydroquinone (bleaching cream) because they could possibly have damaging side effects during pregnancy.

Jennifer Brandt, mommy and blogger at Perfectly Disheveled

Lotion! I used more lotion than I ever had in my life on EVERY. PART. OF. MY. BODY. Other than that, I wore as much makeup as I do now and still did my hair… In fact, I wouldn’t leave to go to the hospital until I had fully blow dried my hair when in labor.

Molly Skyar, mom of two and parenting blogger at

I had never had a facial before I was pregnant, but during my first pregnancy, I developed terrible acne. Gigantic undergrounders that would come out of nowhere and were mostly concentrated on my face. It was awful. About half-way through, my girlfriend suggested I get a facial to change the PH balance of my skin. I couldn’t imagine that would help, but at that point, I was desperate! I got a facial and she was right — it cleared up the acne and I had a lot less of it to deal with for the rest of my pregnancy.

Shelby Barry, mom of two

Well, it was actually nothing that I even tried to do, but I think my hair and skin were the best ever when I was pregnant. I slept a lot earlier so I got more than enough sleep. I didn’t drink caffeine or alcohol so my skin looked better than ever and just naturally your hair is longer and shiny because of the vitamins. I felt better than ever when I was pregnant (after the first 12 weeks of course).

Charli Eaton, mom of one

Using all-natural based products. No chemicals, no animal testing.

Other ways moms can feel beautiful while pregnant

Beauty for pregnant women should include products or treatments that do not involve harsh chemicals. Good options include microdermabrasion instead of a glycolic peel, blowouts for your hair, manicures (non-gel) and pedicures.

Pregnant beauty products

In terms of skin care, try a skin care line targeted toward pregnancy, such as Belli Cosmetics. If acne is a problem, try Belli’s Anti-Blemish Facial Wash, which contains lactic acid and lemon peel oil (, $22).

For those who color their hair, this can be a big challenge as well. Most doctors will advise you to wait until after the first trimester to color your hair and to stick with semi-permanent hair colors, such as highlights (which are painted on the hair, wrapped in foil and not applied directly to the scalp). Any treatments should also be done in a well-ventilated area, to reduce inhaling any chemicals or fumes.

For manicures and pedicures, try a nail polish brand like Zoya (, $8 each), which has more than 240 colors and doesn’t contain toxins like formaldehyde and toluene. If you find your skin looking blotchy from hyperpigmentation, apply a corrective concealer to problem areas with a concealer brush. One to try is Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer (, $37).

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