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Everyone wants Kate Middleton’s nose

We’ve drooled over Kate Middleton’s style for a couple of years now, but a few enterprising women are going beyond that in their search for the Kate Middleton look. That’s right: An increasing number of women are asking for Kate Middleton’s nose at the plastic surgeon’s office.

Kate Middleton

If you could have plastic surgery to look like one celebrity, which celeb would you choose? If you’re like thousands of other women, you’d opt for getting Kate Middleton‘s nose.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the interest in a Duchess of Cambridge–esque snout has gone through the roof since 2011.

And it’s not surprising to at least one plastic surgeon.

“Her nose is straight with a cute, rounded tip and is perfectly in proportion to her face,” plastic surgeon Maurizio Persico told the newspaper. “This gives Kate an attractive and striking profile.”

“Plus, she always looks happy and confident in photos, which is especially appealing to women whose own appearance makes them unhappy — those who feel self-conscious about larger or crooked noses, which they believe dominate their faces.”

Another medical pro said that part of the appeal is Middleton’s nose’s perfect symmetry.

“The angle between her lip and the tip of her nose and the minimal amount of nostril on show, are all near-perfect,” psychologist Carmen Lefevre told the paper.

The newspaper also got the inside scoop from a few ladies that went for the Kate nose — and their results are pretty spot-on.

“I’ve admired Kate since she first got engaged to William. I’ve tried to copy her natural make-up and long, glossy hair style: she always looks so effortlessly groomed. But it was her perfect nose — narrow and petite, with a subtle upturn — that always caught my eye in pictures,” Sarah Hattley said.

“I turned up to my first appointment armed with photos of Kate. My surgeon said he’d do his best to adapt it to suit my face,” she continued, adding that it’s not exactly like the pregnant duchess’ nose, but it’s close. “Within a few weeks the swelling and bruising had subsided, and I loved my nose. It’s not exactly like Kate’s — the bridge of my nose looks slightly higher, but the width and nostrils are the same.”

The price? Nearly $7,800.

We’re sure a lot of the patients would argue that it’s worth the cost, but they were beautiful before.

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