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Last-minute Valentine’s Day getaway ideas

Were you hoping to get away this Valentine’s Day with your special someone but it’s just not going to happen? If so, there’s still time to make plans — and everything is budget-friendly!

Couple camping

You can make Valentine’s Day extra special this year without breaking the bank and springing for Paris. Planning a romantic getaway for you and your loved one may be just what you need as a couple. Instead of worrying about booking flights, finding a hotel in a different state and renting a car, check out our ideas for sweet getaways you can do without having to stray too far from home!

Go camping

Tip: If the nearest campsite is hours away, consider camping in your own backyard!

Spend the night under the stars with your Valentine this year. Camping requires minimal money and is the perfect way to get some alone time with your lover without any distractions. Most campsites don’t have cell service; but if yours does, consider leaving those items at home or in the car. Nothing says romance like a bottle of wine, a warm fire, a cozy tent and undivided attention from your favorite person.

Explore your hometown…on a bike

With a little research, you’d probably be surprised by all your hometown has to offer that you haven’t yet experienced. Rent bikes (or if you’re feeling extra lovey-dovey, rent a tandem bike) for the day and explore a part of your town that neither of you has seen. Biking is a great way to bond and it gets your endorphins going — making you more connected to your partner than ever before.

Find some water

Do you live by the beach? What about near a lake or river? If you live by the beach, go for a long walk among the crashing ocean waves and bring a picnic-style meal to enjoy at the end of the walk. If you’re by a lake or river, rent paddleboats or jet skis! Paddleboats are very romantic since you have to work together as a team. Jet skis are for the more adventurous types. Either way, it’s just you, your lover and the water — in other words, romance at its finest.

champagneGet a hotel for the night

Instead of just going out to dinner and then coming home, surprise your Valentine by getting reservations at a fancy hotel in your city. Another option is to take your date to dinner at that hotel, and during the meal tell your sweetie that you’ll be staying there for the night. Have chocolates and champagne waiting in the room upon your arrival.

Have a spa night at home

Finally, if going on a short trip just isn’t possible this year, bring the romance home by having a special spa night for you and your sweetheart. Start out by lighting candles and taking a bath together, followed by giving each other massages. Use massage oils, calming lotions and basalt stones to make it feel like you’re at a real spa. Have soft music playing in the background. A spa night at home followed by a homemade meal will make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Plus, it proves that you can be romantic anywhere — you just have to set the mood!

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