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Real Moms Speak: Pregnancy style tricks

Pregnancy is such an exciting time for most women — except for maybe a few moments of the “in between stage” when you can’t really tell you’re pregnant yet (and you want to post a big sign on your belly saying “I am pregnant, not fat!”). However, once you get to the “baby bump” stage, fashion can get a bit more exciting again.

Pregnant woman with belly bump

Maternity styles have evolved from over-sized and frumpy to chic and sometimes downright sexy! So what do you do if you don’t have a personal stylist at your fingertips to make you look like a pregnant supermodel? I spoke to real moms and mommy bloggers and asked them what their best style trick is for pregnant women.

Real moms and mommy bloggers all agree — show off the belly! As a mom of two boys, I know my best style trick was to shop for clothes in budget fashion stores like Forever 21 and H&M. I would simply buy a size or two up from usual (instead of buying everything from a maternity store). The result — clothes would cling to show off my tummy, were fashionable and not too expensive.

Here is what other real moms had to say:

Lisa HaishaLisa Haisha, mom of one girl and inspirational speaker/blogger:

Oil up your body all day throughout the day. It prevents stretch marks. I’ve seen this work with several women.

Phyllis Earnhart, mom of two girls:

Embrace your belly! Show it off… it’s sexy and everyone is always nicer to a pregnant woman.

Romy SchorrRomy Schorr, mom of one and blogger:

Embrace the bump! I like clothes that show off a woman’s burgeoning belly and either loosely skim the body or hug the curves depending on your comfort level. I’d love showing off my belly when I was pregnant, the more form fitting the better.

Deep Silver, mom of two girls:

Get the Belly Band (one to try is the Maternity Belly Band,, $15). It is a great product to help you stay in your “regular” pants longer, at least through the first half of the pregnancy anyway. Also, stand up tall and be proud of your bump. Confidence is always in style.

Shelby Barry, mom of two girls:

Wear something fitted around your belly. It will make you look not so big and then everyone actually will know you are pregnant. Also flowy pants and a more fitted shirt always looked cute and makes you look relaxed and happy to be pregnant.

Stretch mark oilKerrie Thompson, mom of four boys:

I have had four children and escaped stretch marks! I used the Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil  (, $28) throughout all of my pregnancies. The smell of the product is wonderful and very mild.

Molly SkyarMolly Skyar, mom of two and parenting blogger:

During my second pregnancy, I discovered black maternity stretch pants. I had one pair and basically wore them throughout the entire pregnancy. They were comfortable at all the different stages (except for maybe the last month when I just got too big). Mixed with different tops and sweaters, it was easy to create a bunch of different looks for not a lot of money, and they looked good with little boots or flats since I really didn’t wear heels once I got into my second trimester. I really hated spending money on maternity clothes when I knew I would only wear them for nine months and then never want to see them again! I also reached out and asked anyone I could think of if I could borrow their maternity clothes. Although people didn’t come out and offer, once I asked they were more than happy to let me borrow them.

Jennifer BrandtJennifer Brandt, mommy and blogger:

I was lucky to be pregnant during the summer, so I got away with wearing oversized sundresses and skirts. I tried to stay away from “maternity tops” that were tight in the boobs and then empire wasted. It’s a bit cliche and not necessarily that flattering. I think the key piece for pregnant women is a great pair of leggings and an oversized sweater or tunic. Pair with boots and you look chic but feel comfortable.

Tracy Horan, mom of two boys:

Daily use of Rilastil (, $62) stretch mark cream. It really works!

Other style tips for pregnant gals

Real moms have spoken! Moisturize your belly with oil to fend off stretch marks, choose belly-hugging tops and dresses and pair leggings with flowy tops. Remember also to find the perfect undergarments such as bras that fit your changing bust line and comfortable yet pretty underwear (no granny underwear!).

Flat shoes are the most sensible choice for pregnant women, but if you do choose to wear heels, try a platform style that will give you the height you crave and the stability you need! Also, even though you might have a gorgeous pregnancy glow, try to take some time to pamper yourself still. Treat yourself to manicures/pedicures and a great blowout to feel stylish from head to toe.

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