Girls’ guide to Washington, D.C.

In a town full of three-piece suits, power lunches and male-heavy politics, what is there to do for the ladies? As it turns out, quite a lot. Grab a gal pal and turn at least one day in D.C. into a she-centric capital experience.

View of the Washington Monument

Tip: While you’re at Arlington, don’t forget to check out the view of D.C. from the top of the hill.

Our capital city is rich with activities to entertain both natives and tourists. You could (and should) spend a week wandering the various Smithsonian museums. However, while learning about your forefathers, take time to remember our foremothers, too.

Women in Military Service for America Memorial

Women in Military Service for America Memorial

One of the most female-centered sights in D.C. is the one housed in a gorgeous building on the grounds of Arlington Cemetery near the gift shop and visitor’s center. It follows a timeline of the work of women from the first World War all the way to present day. The exhibits include uniforms from over the years, recruiting propaganda, letters sent between those serving and those waiting back home and plenty of other wartime artifacts. One long wall also features a rotating display of stories and letters about various women who have served. It’s not only cool, it’s touching to see the pictures and letters from kids. They even have a table set up where visitors can add to the collection.

Sprinkles cupcakes

Georgetown Eats

After all that reminiscing (and hiking, if you also partake in wandering Arlington), you might have worked up an appetite. Something sweet will boost your mood and Sprinkles is the place to go. The California-native cupcake store is the best in the business (they even sell their mix at Williams-Sonoma). They boast about a dozen different flavors every day and there doesn’t seem to be a bad one in the batch. That said: Try the vanilla! The dense cake has a savory, yeasty flavor to it so it really holds it’s own with the yummy vanilla frosting. It’s sweet, but not sickeningly so. They’re definitely the best vanilla cupcakes on the face of the planet. They’re only $3.50 a piece and you can wash ’em down with Coke in a glass bottle. Sweet!

Tip: If you want something more hearty, try Georgetown’s Thunderburger. You can’t miss its awning with those shocking pink accents.

You can walk off all those calories by wandering the shops in Georgetown or heading back into D.C. for more sightseeing fun.

Vietnam Women's Memorial

Vietnam Women’s Memorial

When you’re in D.C. proper, don’t forget to stop by and visit these ladies across from the Vietnam Memorial Wall on the National Mall. The large bronze statue is gorgeous from any angle, depicting a nurse clinging to a wounded soldier, while one female soldier looks out into the sky and another appears to look down in morning. You’re going to want to see the wall, anyway. So make sure to stop by and take time to remember all the ladies who have served our country for generations.


Daughters of the American Revolution

Near the National Mall is the home of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). The DAR’s Constitution Hall has played host to Whitney Houston, Martin Lawrence, Jeopardy and even the premiere of the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Even cooler is the museum, though, which features needlepoint and folk art from revolutionary women, as well as a look at other cool things the DAR has done over the years. (Don’t forget to find out if you might be a daughter of the American Revolution, too!)

That’s our roundup of our favorite girl-themed D.C. attractions. Do you have any favorite female-friendly sights in D.C.? Let us know so we can plan our next trip.

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