What’s in Miss America’s beauty bag? We know!

Chatting with the winner of Miss America is always a pleasure, but it’s always hard not to stare. Mallory Hagan is spunky and drop dead gorgeous obviously, but we found the beauty to be surprisingly down to earth.

Mallory Hagan

We wanted to find out how she manages to stay so pretty and what it took to take home the crown.

Mallory Hagan, also known as Miss America, is also Miss New York. In fact, the 23-year-old, who hails from Alabama, is the first Miss New York to win the title since Vanessa Williams in 1984. The drought for New Yorkers to bring home the crown has finally ended.

Hagan is a spunky gal who loves life and is not afraid to speak out for the causes she believes in. When asked how she feels about her win, she says, “I think it’s going to sink into me later as I travel more and more,” she says. “Right now I feel as though I’m doing what I’m doing before I left, but when I get to the Super Bowl, I’ll realize it.”

Artistry Enchanted makeupHagan’s beauty routine

When she lived in Alabama, Hagan says her attitude towards grooming was definitely different. “It’s a whole other world down there… you blow dry your hair every day and you put on a ton of makeup; it’s just different.” A New York minute is pretty much what Hagan has these days, and that’s why she likes to keep things simple. “I need to find a happy medium now as Miss America,” she laughs.

If you ask Hagan, she’d tell you that inner beauty — no matter how cliched that may sound — is way more impressive because it shows your radiance. She also really likes Artistry, the official beauty sponsor of Miss America, and the neutral colors they have. Indeed, their new spring collection, which will be available online in March, is all about cool pastels and soft shades.

Her biggest tip for those aspiring to participate in Miss America? Perseverance is key. But Mallory also candidly admits that even if she wasn’t going to win the pageant, she was going to walk away learning a ton — which is itself, a winning attitude.

Her favorite product from the brand? Artistry liquid liner! “With their liner, my makeup stays so well and comes off easily.” Other faves? Mascara and Artistry light up lip gloss.

Enchanted Garden spring launch from Artistry

While chatting with Hagan, we got the scoop on Artistry’s new product launches! Two collections, Enchanted Rose and Lily, add sparkle and a coy innocence this spring. It’s about pastels — but of the glimmering kind. There are new products that are perfect for your purse, including the new dual-phase Water Color Eye Shadows ($60 for the trio) from the Enchanted Rose collection that look and feel liquid but immediately turn to a silky powder finish upon application. The result is a soft, blendable shimmer.

The cheeks are lit with a soft, luminous finish with the Sequined Peach Sheer Cheek Color ($28). You may want to stock up on the Lip Gloss Duo ($40) which features neutral and not over-the-top shades. Then there’s the Enchanted Lily collection which features a Soft Rose Sheer Cheek Color ($28) and a Port Wine Eyeliner Pencil ($24).

The best way to get the Enchanted Lily look?

  1. Color your entire eyelid with a shimmery eye color like the Golden Sunset Eye Color, and take care to soften the edges with your fingers or with a brush.
  2. Blend a darker shade like the Twilight Eye Color into the crease.
  3. Apply a darker eye color like the Midnight Star Eye Color along the upper lash line and over the outer corner, and soften with a fingertip.
  4. Smudge the Port Wine Eyeliner Pencil along the lower lash line and blend into the lash roots. It’s all about creating the smoky eye with this pencil.
  5. Don’t forget to add mascara and a soft blush, as well as the soft rose sheer cheek color to the apples of your cheeks.
  6. Shimmer your lips with the dual lip gloss, and you’re set!

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