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Real Moms Speak: How did your style evolve after becoming a mother?

I think every mom can agree that once their bundle of joy enters this world, life as they know it changes completely — especially style. Yes, we see celebrities looking chic and stylish almost immediately after giving birth, but we do need to remember that they usually have a team making sure that they are as fabulous as ever! For the rest of us, our style naturally changes as our family and responsibilities grow.

Fashion evolution after giving birth
Mom with daughter in park

We asked real moms and mommy bloggers to tell us how their styles transformed once they became mothers. The answers might surprise you!

Trend #1: Comfort and convenience!

The first trend I noticed when talking to “real moms” was that their wardrobes transformed from expensive and dressy to basic, comfortable and budget-friendly. Moms need wardrobes that can withstand anything from spit up and playing in the dirt at the park to cooking and cleaning. Obviously, nicer designer duds are saved for work or a night out on the town.
As a beauty and style expert and a mom of two young boys myself, I have noticed the evolution of my “mommy clothes” and my “dress up clothes.” I never used to care about “washability” but now it is a big deal. I can’t just wait to dry clean clothes or to sit and hand wash pieces. I need to be able to throw it in the washer and dryer and be good to go!

Here is what other moms had to say:

Molly Skyar

Conversations With My Mother

Molly SkyarAfter becoming a mother, I’ve found that I buy more work staples for my wardrobe such as black skinny pants and longer tops because I have less time to shop and need quick and easy dressing solutions. On the days I don’t have to go in to an office, I’m all about Lululemon yoga pants. I wear them everywhere. They are technically workout pants, but they have a nicely tailored fit, so if you add a cute top (long sleeve or short sleeve) and an accessory (earrings, bracelet…), you can pull it off as an easy, casual look and it’s super quick to put together. I stick with black for the pants. I have no time to spend on myself in the morning between getting the kids up and going to school, making breakfast and lunches and getting out the door on time!


I’d say now I dress for comfort. My clothes are definitely inexpensive and washable!

Dessa Meyer

The truth is, my style hasn’t really evolved. It’s actually gone somewhat downhill as I don’t have time to maintain my clothes, beauty, etc. Yet, I try to keep things more simple and stick to nice, good quality basics when it comes to items like coats, boots and cashmere sweaters. My clothes for going out are nice and better quality than my stay at home mommy clothes. I now realize my day clothes don’t need to be expensive as I am cooking and rushing around all day. I think this separation of almost two wardrobes helps me feel even more special when I go out since I’m excited to wear my nicer clothes.

Trend #2: Find your chic go-to outfits

Moms have become savvy at pulling together outfits that are stylish and easy to wear. Instead of just wearing sweats all day, we know that a great pair of jeans paired with a blazer and perfect accessories can take us from day to night: 


Perfectly Disheveled:

Jennifer BrandtBelieve it or not, I started to care more about how I dressed after becoming a mom. Though I do spend a good portion of my days in workout clothes (because I work out in the morning and then work from home), when I go “out,” I do think about style and want to look cute. I have worked with my dear friend and stylist, Robin Saperstein of High Heel in a Haystack, at coming up with adorable, layered and chic looks that can be taken from day to night, park to party. The key piece, I think, is a fabulous pair of skinny jeans and a cute, comfy blazer.

Lisa Haisha

Creator of Soul Blazing: 

Lisa HaishaMy style went from getting up at 6 a.m., working out, showering, dressing up (even if I stayed home) and putting on high heels and makeup to do coaching, business and marketing calls to rolling out of bed, then throwing on sweats, a cozy top, flat shoes and then putting my hair in a ponytail. Then attending to my daughter’s needs. This was the first year. Now, four years later, I’m more balanced. I wear some makeup and dress casual nice (usually jeans, a nice top and a blazer and a dress and heels occasionally).

romy schorr

Blogger at

Romy SchorrIn all honesty, it really didn’t change. I’ve always dressed to flatter my curves, to wear statement making accessories and lightly embraced trends. While it hasn’t changed since I’ve become a mom, I’ve never let myself go either (aka become a sweatpants mom). I consider myself a hip, on trend mom, and I embrace that!

Deep silver

I definitely became more functional. Not in a boring way, just in a more applicable way to having kids in my life. Sassy sandals went from having a 3-inch heel to being flat. Nice pants were traded in for easy wash trendy jeans. Marc Jacobs handbag was traded in for a patent leather diaper bag. I welcome my new evolved style and I love my two little accessories that are always by my side — Bella, age 4 and Anya, age 1.

Trend #3: Conservative mommy

Another evolution seems to be be that moms have become more conservative after having kids. I know I became much more conscious of low-cut blouses and even my bathing suits became more conservative. Even at the local swimming club, I found myself wanting to wear a one-piece or a tankini even though it would have never crossed my mind in the past. Not so much for figure concealing, but for modesty and “playability” (can’t have any wardrobe malfunctions with kids everywhere!).

Other moms shared:

Penny earnhart

I realized that my daughters pay close attention now to what I wear, so I make smarter choices (no belly showing tops) so that I am setting a good example for them from the very beginning. They even help me decide which shoes to wear now and I usually agree. The catch is that if I don’t agree, I shouldn’t have asked them because I always try to follow through with their decision!

Tracy Horan

I stopped wearing clothes that were too revealing — no more short shorts or teeny-bikinis. No more white clothes either!

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