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Tasty cat treats for your senior pets

While you may not notice a major change in your cat’s behavior or appearance as he or she ages there are likely some changes taking place.

Hungry cat

Even a healthy cat will face some normal side effects of aging like joint pain or fatigue. Help boost your cat’s health and happiness with treats designed especially for the senior age group.

The rate of aging can vary in cats so there is no steadfast rule to when they become a senior. But on average, cats are considered seniors around the age of 10. Depending on their health overall, they may show signs of aging sooner or later than the age of 10. Consider buying food and treats specifically for aging cats around that point in their lives. We’ve rounded up the best treats to give your senior cat.

Zuke’s G-Zees

Zuke’s makes a line of dog and cat treats that are all natural and contain various nutrients to support their lives at all stages. G-Zee’s are grain-free treats in either turkey or salmon flavor that also contain glucosamine. They also include omega-fatty acids and cranberry to promote bladder health.

Innova Cat Treats

Innova is a line of quality pet food and treats made from natural ingredients and available at most pet stores. While they don’t specifically make a treat for senior cats, their basic cat treats are perfect for your senior cat. They contain EPA and DHA as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables to boost their immune systems and their joints.

EVO Wild Cravings Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Treats

As the name says, these EVO treats are packed with wild fish that your cat will love. While many cat treats are filled with grains and other fillers which can irritate your senior cat’s sensitive stomach, these treats are grain free. They include high-quality ingredients and vitamins and minerals to support your cat in their older years.

Halo Healthsome cat treats

Halo is a natural pet food company co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres. You know how much she loves her pets so you can rest easy knowing if she endorses and co-owns this brand then it will be good for your pet. Their Healthsome cat treats come complete with three kinds of fish which is a digestible protein. For older cats with picky eating habits or sensitive stomachs, these treats will give them a good dose of nutrients and have a taste they’ll love.

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