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Simplify your work life now

Nearly everyone is stressed out by her job at some point. To reduce stress in your work life, simplify it with these essential tips.

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Job stress can be a physical or emotional response related to high expectations at work. According to a survey by Northwestern National Life, 40 percent of workers state that their jobs are “extremely stressful.” About 25 percent of employees view their job as the main cause of stress in their lives. We all know that being stressed out by one thing causes us to stress out over everything. Too much stress can cause disturbances in sleep and have other harmful effects on our health. It’s time to simplify your work life now and start living a healthier, more carefree life!

Use a calendar

Tip: If possible, plan your schedule one month in advance.

We can’t emphasize this enough — using a calendar (and sticking to it) is the best way to reduce stress in the workplace. Whether you work in an office or from home, plan your day out and prioritize.

Allow yourself extra time to complete more difficult tasks and schedule time for breaks. Schedule the most important things first, and then fill in the gaps with the more mundane tasks, like sorting through emails or checking voicemails.

A calendar is there to keep you organized and keep you on task. It prevents you from having to remember everything and keeps you focused.

Eliminate clutter

Tip: Keep your computer organized. Do you really need all those desktop icons? Clear out what isn’t necessary.

How you manage your work space has a huge effect on how much you accomplish throughout the day. Just like a calendar, you want your work space to assist you.

Keep it as clutter-free as possible and eliminate all distractions. Keep it clean and well lit. We recommend spending the last 10 minutes of your day organizing all your papers, throwing away anything that’s unnecessary and wiping down your desk. Working in a clutter-free area will not only help you stay focused, it will also help diminish stress and have a positive effect on your well being.

Learn to say no

Tip: If helping colleagues is a must, put it on your calendar! Blocking out a time frame to assist others allows you to accomplish your own tasks as well, and remain stress-free.

As great as it is to go above and beyond your workload duties, it’s totally acceptable to just say “no” from time to time. If your coworkers are constantly asking for your assistance and it’s making it hard to complete your own work, tell them that you’re sorry but that you just don’t have the extra time.

If you’re always lending a helping hand, people may begin to expect it and may take advantage of you. Saying “no” isn’t a bad thing — it teaches you how to balance your own needs and take care of yourself.

Leave work at work

Finally, to simplify your work life, try your best not to take your work home with you. This includes both actual work and work problems. If you work outside of the home, use your drive home as a way to unwind and relax. Try not to think about work until you’re back at the office the next day. If you work from home, set a specific time to stop working and stick to it. Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you can never leave the office. Both of these take discipline, but they’ll make for a happier, healthier, more balanced you!

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