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8 Sexy fragrances that will lure him in

A splash of vanilla here, a touch of jasmine there, a hint of lavender and a spray of rose.

Woman smelling her perfume

No, we’re not walking you through the secret garden, but rather through the world of scent, as we find the sexiest perfumes that leave you — and those around you — wanting more.

Tom ford violet blonde

Violet Blonde by Tom Ford

Intense in aroma yet subtle in drama, Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde draws on the help of cedar, sienna and citrus notes to bring this blend to life on your skin. (Neiman Marcus, $105)

Love coach

Love by Coach

Coach is known for their classic handbags and shoes, and their fragrance is equally classic Coach exudes rich caramel and light petals in this timeless scent that reminds you of a sweet French vacation. (Coach, $72)

No. 5 by Chanel

No. 5 by Chanel (limited edition)

Of course we couldn’t create a scent list without the guiding compass of one of the most acclaimed scents of our lifetime. Chanel No. 5 is classic elegance in a bottle. Now, with its limited-edition bottle, it’s time to spray on one the world’s most beloved scents. (Chanel, $74)

eat rush beyonce

Heat Rush by Beyonce

Seriously, Beyonce could put her name on anything and we would be tempted to buy it, but this scent — her second in the Heat trilogy — lets us know that she is as serious about her fragrance line as she is about her music. Filled with exotic floral and fruity notes, Heat Rush is a force to be reckoned with. (Macy’s, $59)

Jasmine Noir

Jasmin Noir eau de parfum by Bulgari

Captivating and caressing, this scent builds on the voluptuous mixture of gardenias and almonds, jasmine and licorice. A likely scent that embodies Bulgari’s essence. (Sephora, $68)

White Musk

White Musk Eau de Parfum by the Body Shop

A rich, velvety feast for the senses comes to life with this scent, highlighting the intense and encompassing blend of base notes, perfect for blending with other scents and leaving a bold impression. (The Body Shop, $24)

Gucci envy

Envy by Gucci

Irresistible and flirty, with high notes of peony and a foundation of pink musk and sandalwood, this perfume will make you the center of attention. (Gucci, $70)

Romance by Ralph Lauren

Romance Always Yours by Ralph Lauren

Florals make this Ralph Lauren scent live up to its name. Looks like jeans and polos aren’t the only highlights of Lauren’s career. (Ralph Lauren, $75)

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