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Anya says: What red carpet trends at the Golden Globes mean for you

Last night’s carpet was everything from fabulous to bland and a lot in between. Accessories were kept minimal, colors were kept classic, and everyone let their inner glam shine on the red carpet. Here are the noteworthy trends — some to keep and some to leave!

Anya Sarre

to keep,
to leave

Last night’s carpet was everything from fabulous to bland and a lot in between. Accessories were kept minimal, colors were kept classic, and everyone let their inner glam shine on the red carpet. Here are the noteworthy trends — some to keep and some to leave!

Trends to keep

It’s all about the sleeves

Stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson, Adele, Naomi Watts and Eva Longoria all wore sleeved gowns at the Golden Globes. It was rare to see so many sleeves on such a skin-bearing carpet, but this long sleeve trend was done right when sleeves had sheer lace accents, embellishments and low necklines.

Jennifer Lopez
Kate Hudson
Eva Longoria

What this means for you: This is great news for everyone out there who loves to cover their arms. To wear the sleeve trend right, your dress has to be sleek and should have something going on such as a lace or embellished trim.

Photo credits: Apega/,,

Winter white, nude and blush

Forget about black or candy colored gowns. White, nude and blush stole the show as tons of stars kept it neutral and donned this lighter look. Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, Amanda Seyfried, Helen Hunt, Megan Fox, Amy Adams, Francesca Eastwood and Lea Michele were among the many starlets seen living on the lighter side.

Anne Hathaway
Amanda Seyfried
Amy Adams

What this means for you: Don’t be afraid to wear your winter white, nude or blush. To avoid looking washed out, be sure to put some color in your lips.

Photo credits: Apega/, Apega/, Apega/

Red hot

Red is always a popular choice on the red carpet because it makes you pop and looks great in photographs. But last night’s reds were on a whole other level. Jennifer Lawrence, Claire Danes, Marion Cotillard and Zooey Deschanel chose a bright red with a more orange undertone and minimal accessories. By choosing dresses with orange undertones and simple accessories, it really made their look all about the color.

Jennifer Lawrence
zooey deschanel
Marion Cotillard

What this means for you: No matter where you’re going, whether to a high school reunion, an important meeting or anywhere you want to make an impression, go for the red.

Photo credits: Apega/,, Apega/

Mermaid maven

With every red carpet, there’s always a silhouette that stands above the rest. Last night’s silhouette to beat was the mermaid, which stars like Hayden Panettiere, Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba stepped out in. This silhouette, with its fitted bodice and flared out bottom, shows off your curves while staying on trend.

Hayden Panettiere
Taylor Swift
Jessica Alba

What this means for you: The mermaid style is here to stay. If a mermaid gown is too much for you, try a mermaid style skirt paired with a blouse or top to stay on trend.

Photo credits:,, Apega/

Trends to leave

Unfortunately not everything was pure perfection last night. There were a few style trends that could have stayed at home.

Too much volume

No one needs extra fabric getting in the way of their super sleek look. Lucy Liu, Julianne Hough, Debra Messing and Julia Louis-Dreyfus got a little carried away with the volume and could have opted for a sleeker, more streamlined walk down the carpet.

Lucy Liu
Julianne Hough
Debra Messing

What this means for you: Learn a lesson and always opt for the sleek over the volume every day of the week. Less volume is always more slimming.

Photo credits: Daniel Tanner/, Apega/, Apega/

Edwardian high neckline

Rumer Willis and Kristen Bell opted for high Edwardian-like collared gowns but didn’t really do themselves any favors by covering up so much. This vintage look is best kept in the archives and not on the carpet. Not only does a high neckline keep you from wearing fabulous jewelry, but it also detracts from your face and can make you appear older.

Kristen Bell

What this means for you: Showing off the chest, collarbone and neck can be the most flattering way to shine. By picking a low V or scoop neck, you will appear thinner. No one wants to look like they are stuck in Edwardian times.

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Now that we’ve officially kicked off award season with the Globes, we can’t wait to see you at the next one!

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