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StyleSeek offers men a convenient way to shop, get styled

Make way: There’s a new shopping adventure in town! With women’s clothing all over the web, it’s about time men get their fashion fix too. Thanks to creator and rocket scientist Tyler Spalding, shopping for menswear is taking on a new shape this year.

Stylish man on computer

Spalding began his career as a rocket scientist for NASA and the US Air Force. During his MIT graduate school program in 2010, he laid the groundwork for StyleSeek with fellow student Chris Walti.


If Pandora and men’s clothing had a baby, it would be StyleSeek, an online clothing recommendation platform that is tailored to each man’s personal style preferences.

According to digital performance company iProspect, there are 19 million affluent men online and the vast majority of them are shopping. In search of a seamless shopping experience, StyleSeek has created a place to optimize men’s fashion and eliminate the hassle of going through endless racks of clothing in-store.

But men don’t have to surf the digital sea of menswear because StyleSeek does the work for you. This Chicago-based company has found the formula for providing customized clothing choices, from suits down to stellar recommendations for accessories. The best part: No time-consuming trips to the mall.

Using this information and developing customized StyleDNA, the site aggregates products and content that is most relevant to him.

StyleDNA is represented by six images, graphical representations of your personal style. In field-testing, StyleSeek found that these images formed the most complete portrait of an individual’s personal style. Categories include cars, movies, print publications, photographs, bands, adult beverages, hobbies, decor and watch styles.

In addition to creating your very own profile, the site also allows you to explore other style profiles with the option to import other DNAs of influencers, movie characters and icons.

StyleSeek is absolutely free and takes less than five minutes to join, with no obligation to make purchases and the option to cancel your account at any time.

To get started

  1. Join. Sign up at StyleSeek using your social media logins or an email address.
  2. Create. Selecting six photos from StyleSeek’s database to map out your personal tastes and preferences.
  3. Explore, shop and read. You have the option to explore styles and products, shop by using their portal to brands and reading their men’s fashion blog to learn about the latest trends.

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