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How to curl your hair with a Style Winder

Breaking any task into smaller sections makes for better results and a happier you. To curl your hair with a Style Winder, dividing your hair into smaller chunks will help you get a cute, consistent curl without a messy hassle.

Hair styled with stylewinder

Use these simple steps to avoid tangles and hassles when curling your hair.

To begin, find a comb and three or four hair clips that you know you can trust to keep the rest of your hair under control as you work with smaller sections.

Step 1: Do your part

Part your hair the way you want it to be in the end. This way, you know which direction to curl each chunk of hair as you go along. Don’t wait until your hair is curled to decide between having your part in the middle or to the side.

Step 2: One at a time

Using your comb, separate your hair into clean, 1-inch pieces. Make sure you do not have strands of hair coming from all different areas of your head. You want to make sure your curls are going the same direction and won’t get tangled together.

Step 3: Up, up and away

Before you curl any of your divided sections, use your clips to keep away the pieces of hair that you aren’t going to work with right away. Clip them on top of your head.

Step 4: Stay close to your roots

Take one of your sections of hair and clamp the Style Winder onto the top part of the section, nearest to your roots.

Step 5: Away from your face

Wrap your curls around the Style Winder in the opposite direction of your face. Use your hand to take the thin chunk of hair and twirl it around the hot Style Winder.

Step 6: Spin it around

When you have your hair clamped and wrapped around the Style Winder, twist your wrist and keep the iron moving while you are creating your curls. This way, you can avoid unwanted crimps.

Step 7: Take off the heat

After two or three seconds, release the Style Winder and let your bouncy curl fall to your head. To avoid loosening your curl, don’t run your fingers through your hair or touch the curled pieces. Spray with hairspray to keep your curls together.

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