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How to use a round brush in a blowout

Using a round brush can be an intimidating task for some, but it’s time you learn to overcome that fear. Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, shows you how to use a round brush to get that voluminous hair every woman yearns for!

Woman getting hair blown out

Step 1: Divide and conquer

Before you begin, make sure you are working with very clean, 1-inch sections of hair. It is always helpful to use a clip to create sections as well. Don’t overwhelm yourself — take it one piece at a time!

Step 2: Wrap it up

When beginning to use the round brush, wrap your hair completely around the brush and pull through the ends, applying heat as you go. It is important to include your ends in the brush so you can seal them with a soft and shiny look.

Step 3: Pump up the volume

To add some extra bounce to your hair, use the round brush to pull the hair up and away from the base of your head. Closely apply heat while you perform this step and continue to wrap your hair around the brush.

Step 4: Keep at it

Repeat the motion of going over the hair with the dryer until each section is fully dry. Continue this step around the whole head, and maintain working in clean sections. It may take a couple times in order for each section to become completely dry, but be patient — you’ll have great hair in no time!

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