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DIY black lace votives

There’s not much you can get for under $10 these days, and we can assure you fancy candles usually aren’t in that price range. As much as we love decorative candles for our chic abodes, we don’t love spending close to $30 for them. So, to give our homes a feminine, sophisticated touch without spending an arm and a leg, we made our own fancy black lace votives.

black votives

Want to know the best part of this super-easy craft? It costs less than $10 and takes less than 30 minutes to assemble! Why can’t everything in life be this quick and low budget?


  • Plain glass votives (we used tea and regular-sized)
  • Black lace (like this pattern here)
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge clear glue
  • Painters sponge
  • Candles


Step 1: Measure and cut lace

Wrap the lace around the votives and cut to fit. The lace ridges should face upward toward the rim of the glasses.

Step 2: Paint the glue on each votive

Using the painters sponge, brush the Mod Podge over the votives and liberally coat them. Don’t worry if it looks cloudy, the glue will dry completely clear. You may have to apply several coats of glue to ensure the lace sticks.

Step 3: Wrap lace over glue and hold

Carefully place the lace over the glue and hold down. Quickly move the lace around the votive so it’s tight. Wrap the excess pieces of lace over each other on the back of each votive.

Step 4: Add candles and let dry

Add the candles to each votive. Let each one dry completely before you light the candles.


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