DIY chevron wall art

Are you in the mood to update your office, kitchen, bedroom or nursery walls but don’t have a big budget? This super-cute and super-easy DIY chevron craft will instantly update tired walls and add some fun, feminine charm at the same time (all while saving you money!).

chevron wall art

All you need to create your own cute chevron wall art is a canvas, some paint and a stencil! Really, it’s that easy! Plus, you can customize the colors to really make it your own. You can’t beat art for under $20!


  • Paint (we used acrylic) 
  • Painters tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Step 1: Cut out stencil and trace

Hold your stencil down onto the canvas and trace out the pattern. You may need to overlap the stencil on the end of the canvas to continue with the pattern.

Step 2: Line pencil tracings with painters tape

Once your stencil has been outlined, tape over the pencil with painters tape. This will prevent your colored paint from seeping into the stenciled area. This part takes a while since you have to overlap each piece of tape to perfectly fit the angles of the chevron pattern. Be sure to smooth over the tape so there are no gaps where the paint could seep in.

Step 3: Paint

Pour your paint into a shallow bowl. Using an angled paintbrush, brush the part of the canvas not covered by the paint. To make the lines look as smooth as possible, we also used a paint sponge over the strokes to even them out. Repeat this until all of the white space is covered in paint. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, you can touch up once you remove the tape.

Step 4: Touch up and let dry

Remove the painters tape from the stencil. Using your smaller brush, touch up any spots on the paint and go over the pencil tracing if it’s still visible. Let the canvas dry for at least 2 hours before hanging.


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