Bedroom design trends for 2013

We talked to top homebuilders, interior designers and other experts to find out what’s in and what’s out in bedroom design and decor for 2013.

Red bedroom decor


If you are building a new home or doing a complete remodel, you have the opportunity to create a bedroom that is an amazing living space or a relaxing retreat. We consulted Jeffrey Collé, the Hamptons’ leading design-builder, to get the scoop on the latest trends in bedroom design.

“More than ever, homeowners are seeking open, spacious bedrooms with cathedral ceilings, large his-and-hers walk-in closets and bigger master bathrooms, complete with double sinks, vanity televisions (for him) and televisions near the bathtub (for her),” says Collé.

“I’ve also noticed that people want easy access to things like mini refrigerators and pop-up television cabinets at the end of the bed, which have become an increasingly popular request. Homeowners are also looking to make their bedrooms more of a living space, complete with a separate sitting area, which can also double as a gym or office, and decks or screened-in porches that are connected to the bedroom. And of course, fireplaces and built-in blackout shades are as popular as ever.”

Elizabeth Noack, an interior designer from Faulkner Design Group, agrees: “Sitting rooms and meditation rooms are becoming more popular as a dedicated space in your master bedroom. Multiple textures on the wall, furniture and bedding add interest to these spaces.”

“Lighting is key in bedrooms,” explains Noack. “Life is so busy for everyone now and even at home the chaos ensues. The bedroom has become a retreat for people to come home to. It’s a place to feel quiet, serene and peaceful. Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is usually the biggest reflection of yourself. It’s where you want to feel the most safe and peaceful.”


When it comes to color, we know that Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year is emerald, but will we see it in bedrooms?

“All in all, we are in Seattle and still use a ton of gray in all shades, but I see the rest of the world has embraced it as well,” says Dixie Stark of Dixie Stark Interiors. “In paint, wall covering, furniture and textiles — gray is the perfect neutral! However, 2013 is supposed to be the year of ‘green.’ We have always used green in the Pacific Northwest as a complement to our beautiful landscape, and I am sure we will see it pop up more!”

Erika Woelfel, director of color at Behr Paints, agrees about the green, but she says there’s another new color to look out for this year as well.

“There are two new colors entering the scene for decor in 2013: jewel tone green and vampy rose red. These rich colors are riding in on a wave of renewed interest in luxury and opulence. They will feel especially appropriate for updates in the bedroom,” says Woelfel.

“Clear, cool greens will replace yellow-based lime, pear and granny apple greens that we have seen for so long. Emerald and forest will dominate the darker side of the new green spectrum, while mint and jade will fall to the lighter side of the range. Sophisticated reds are the future of the warm color story in the bedroom. Rose red combined with burgundy and smoky amethyst creates a dramatic look for your space.

“Bedrooms remain a place of refuge for most with a soothing and calm color palette, however the use of wallpaper, whether it is patterned or simply textural, is in high demand. This added layer on the wall makes the spaces more intimate and personalized. Luxurious textiles and a hint of glamour in the bedroom are often requested, which we can accomplish with lovely velvet, mohair or even cashmere… and maybe a mirror or two.”

Hotel inspiration

All the experts agree, bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping anymore. One of the hottest trends in bedrooms for 2013 is turning your bedroom into a relaxing, spa-like oasis.

Emmy-winning lifestyle host and best-selling author Christopher Lowell gives us the rundown on how to turn your bedroom into a spa-inspired suite, duplicating what you may see in a chic boutique hotel.

  • A non-gender-specific attitude in the master suite now dominates as these “chill” spaces become far more self-contained than ever before. Gone are the frills, doodads and patterns in favor of layered texture (white linen, raw silk… ) that both he and she can live with.
  • High, upholstered headboards (often fixed directly to the wall) now replace traditional wood bed frames while footboards are now being eliminated altogether for better viewing of the TV or media center.
  • Old wall-to-wall carpeting is becoming a thing of the past as dark hardwood floors offer more durability, drama, flexibility and perceived home value. Over the hardwood floors investment texture-driven area rugs now provide comfort underfoot. They can be sent out and cleaned without disrupting the entire room.
  • Also typical of hotel suites, coffee stations, mini-bars and music components become vital additions to these spaces so that parents can stay self-contained as long as possible before having to get up or deal with the rest of the family. So the idea that these space should only be used for “sleep” is a thing of the past.
  • Modern, matching bedside tables, tall lamps with table dimmers that put everything at arm’s length while sitting up in bed become the pampering new focus.
  • Traditional bedspreads (with hidden pillows) are out in favor of the turned down bed look, putting more focus on the sheets and sleeping pillows which are now stacked. Throw pillows are out in favor on a long accent body pillow that spans the width of the bed.

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