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10 Themed Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Little kids are all about cutesie Easter baskets — but once they hit the tween years, some of them try to play it off like they’re too cool to accept gifts from the Easter Bunny. But let’s be real, if they were to be passed over on Easter morning, they’d be seriously disappointed.

By curating a basket around a theme that interests tweens and teens, older kids can get on the Easter morning fun — without feeling like you are treating them like a baby. Try out one of these more grown-up ideas.

1. The fashion-forward basket

Image: Nordstrom

If your kid is all about fashion, it’s so easy to craft a basket around a couple fun accessories. A studded faux-leather satchel (Nordstrom, $24) is totally on trend and works just as well for the day as going out with friends at night. Throw in some mirrored aviator sunglasses (Forever 21, $10), a bumblebee bee necklace and flower earring set, (Nordstrom, $12) and a floral rope headwrap (Forever 21, $5), and you’re good to go with a grown-up, fashionable basket that’s also seasonably appropriate.

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2. The nail-fanatic basket

Image: Ulta

If their social media pages provide constant inspiration for the latest nail-art trends, you know they aren’t going to turn down some new polish. Stock up with some unique finds like a nail art pen (Ulta, $6), 3D nail jewels (Ulta, $3), nail polish appliques (Ulta, $8), and a new nail polish set (Ulta, $15) and you’re golden. Throw in a nail polish holder (Ulta, $10) to help keep things tidy, too.

3. The hair-obsessed basket

Image: Forever 21

Forget the days of clamping down on your hair with an old-school curling iron — today the trend is to create beachy waves using a curling wand like this Remington one (Target, $30). A can of dry shampoo (Ulta, $8) will extend a ‘do for several days, and nothing complements gorgeous waves like a braided flower crown (Forever 21, $5) or even a pair of festive sequined bunny ears (Forever 21, $6).

4. The Beauty basket

Image: Urban Decay

It’s a splurge, but the Naked 2 palette (Urban Decay, $54) has everything anyone could ever need — and beauty bloggers swear by it. An eyelash curler is one of the most-used tools in the beauty bag, so pick one that is both durable and stylish like this rose gold one by Tweezerman (Ulta, $15). A perfect choice for Easter, EOS has a special edition spring 2-pack of coconut milk lip balms that come in pretty pastel colors (Target, $5).

5. The jetsetter basket

Image: Sephora

For a teen or tween who’s always on the go (and boy, are kids traveling alone more than ever these days), a jewelry travel case (Wayfair, $40) will allow them to take their fave accessories wherever they go, without having to worry about losing anything. Traveling makes skin dry out, and a good hand lotion is a must (Bath & Body Works, $6). The size restriction for carry-on liquids doesn’t mean you have to travel without a pretty scent — these Marc Jacobs rollerball perfumes are the perfect size for flights, each weighing in at only 0.33 ounces (Sephora, $49).

6. The techie basket

Image: Etsy

For a kid who is always up on the latest gadgets and tech, skip a traditional Easter basket and instead fill a fun iPad case with treats (Etsy has a ton of amazing cases, like this floral one that comes in under $30). Instead of buying a bulky headset, understated ear buds that come with a monogrammed case tuck in neatly with other gear (Etsy, $7). Round out the gift with a flamingo USB drive (Etsy, $16) and they’ll happily be in their own little world.

7. The sporty basket

Image: Target

Older kids who are into sports and keeping in shape will love a basket built around the theme. Fill them up with workout supplies like a weighted jump rope (Target, $15), weightlifting gloves (Target, $20) and make the day fun for the whole family with a Skipfit (Target, $15) — because you know everyone’s going to want to try it. Throw in a fun motivational tank (Etsy, $22) — and if you’re feeling especially generous, you can even add a Fitbit so they can track their progress (Macy’s, $60).

8. The Starbucks-lovers basket

Image: Etsy

OK, so we totally don’t advocate for teens to get hooked on caffeine, but Starbucks is pretty much a way of life for the under-20 set now. They’ll love a shirt that gives a nod to their obsession (Etsy, $23), and a reusable travel mug is a must (Starbucks, $9). Don’t forget to stick a fully loaded gift card in there, of course — and cake pops will look pretty cute stuck in an Easter basket. Just sayin’.

9. The tween getaway basket

Image: Amazon

Trying to buy a tween gift that won’t earn you an eye roll is rough, but most of them are at that age where they want to be left alone to their own devices. Kids will be encouraged to explore new music with over-the-ear headphones that come in fun colors (Target, $26), and they’ll be mesmerized by this sound sensing Water Whirlwind speaker (Hammacher Schlemmer, $30). They’ll also love an emoji pillow to lounge around on while they tinker with their new cool stuff (Amazon, $8)

10. The crafty basket

This Mackinac Moon craft tote (, $29) is the perfect Easter basket option for a DIYer on the rise. A crafting subscription box like Darby Smart ($19 a month) really is the gift that keep son giving — and for a hobbyist looking to stretch their entrepreneurial skills, include a copy of Craft, Inc. to encourage them to chase a new dream (Amazon, $3).

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Originally published March 2013. Updated April 2017.

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