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How to pick out the right lingerie for your body

Don’t despair when you shop for lingerie. Every body type can be flattered by the right cut. Try these tips for finding lingerie you feel confident and sexy in.

Woman wearing lingerie

Step 1: Identify your body type

Body types aren’t the final word in selecting lingerie. When you evaluate your own body, try not to shove yourself completely into a specific type. You may be a little bit pear-shaped and a little bit lean. You may be petite and busty. You may be plus-sized and muscular. Ultimately, when identifying your body type, consider what you look good in when you’re wearing regular clothes. Do you like a cinched waist? A low-cut top? Tight jeans? Lingerie comes in many styles, and it’s easy to find sexy bedroom outfits that mimic the everyday clothes you wear. It’s all about hugging your body in the right places and letting fabric drape in all the other places.

Step 2: Focus on what you want to show off

When you want to feel confident and sexy, focus on the parts of your body you love. Every woman has insecurities, so don’t beat yourself up over negative feelings about aspects of your physique. Just look for lingerie that accents what you love, and what your partner loves. If he says he loves your butt, don’t second-guess him. Guys don’t see the cellulite and other details that women obsess over. Lingerie also doesn’t have to be ultra-skimpy. Even a long nightgown can be super-sexy if it’s sheer and clingy in the right places. Wear what you feel good in.

Step 3: Try on lots of options

Wear a G-string when you go shopping for lingerie so that you can leave it on while you try on various options. Try not to shop online if you can help it. At the same time, remember that dressing room lighting is borderline evil and definitely not universally flattering. When you’re getting use out of the lingerie, you’ll probably be in a more forgiving atmosphere and a more excited mood. If you have a really close friend who doesn’t mind seeing you in frilly undergarments, bring her along for a second opinion.

Step 4: Choose two ensembles

When you try on lingerie, pay attention to how it feels against your skin and how it makes you feel. Lace and sequins might look good, but if they make you itchy and uncomfortable, what’s the point? You want to feel like a sex goddess, not a dress-up doll. As you narrow down your choices, buy two different lingerie ensembles. Try something fussy and super-sexy, and something a little more casual that you can lounge and sleep in. You never know which will come in handy when you’re ready to show off your sexy lingerie to your partner.

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