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Our favorite online money management programs

It’s a brand new year, and you’re ready to create a spending plan to keep you motivated to save each month. Try one of these online management programs to help you track where your money is going.

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You have been sorting bills and organizing files month after month after month, and you know it is time to change with the new year and streamline your budget-balancing but can’t decide what online program you should use. We’ve searched the internet for the best money management software out there. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites to make your choice to ditch the paper trail that much easier.

Tip: Making sense of health care costs can be one more financial struggle each and every year. Here is some advice on navigating health care costs in 2013.


The line of Quicken Personal Finance Software is one of the most widely used products available. There is a cost associated with using these tools, but you can do anything from managing your day-to-day accounts to creating a budget and forecasting your future financial situation. There are also different software packages available to meet your needs whether you need to manage your family finances or keep track of business accounts.

Mint is a free way to organize your finances online. Using their online program you can upload your financial information to and see everything in one place. You will be able to track your spending, set goals and more, without spending a dime. Mint is a great choice for those just starting out with online financial planning who do not want to make the financial commitment of buying software.

Tip: Even though you’re planning to manage your money online there are some documents you still need to save. Follow these guidelines on what to save and what to toss.


Similar to other financial management tools out there, Adaptu offers one place online to manage all of your accounts and track your finances. An additional bonus is that Adaptu also offers a community support feature, giving users the opportunity to read through a wealth of resources regarding finances while balancing a budget.


This financial management tool will track your income and expenses just like the others but will also help you manage things like your frequent flyer miles. One unique feature of Manilla is its ability to act as an online “filing cabinet.” This capability allows you to upload and file all of your bills in one secure place while balancing your budget.


The basic features of most financial management tools such as personal budgeting, account management and tracking of your spending are available on moneyStrand at no cost. One unique feature that sets this tool apart is its ability to accommodate different languages and currencies which may be helpful if travel is in your plans for 2013.

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