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Winter blues: 10 Style picks in shades of blue

Feeling a bit down in the winter dumps? Of course you are. You are at least five pounds heavier than before the holidays and you haven’t had a proper dose of vitamin D from the sun in months.

Woman in blue sweater

Here are a few styles that will chase your seasonal affective disorder away…

Knitted blue headband

Knitted headband

A blue knitted headband (, $12) is a must for a couple of reasons. Blue is a neutral enough color that looks great whether you’re a blonde, brunette or a ginger. Headbands are the only way to keep your ears warm and look stylish without messing up your hair. You can’t really say that about that goofy Cousin Eddie hat you got for Christmas, can you?

Snow Day blue crew sock


If there is one thing that universally makes women cranky about winter, it is having cold feet! Our feet also look pretty pitiful in the winter — pale with the sad remains of polish left from our July pedicure. Turn that frown upside down with cute, fuzzy, and most importantly, warm socks (, $7).

J Jill blue cardigan sweater


Few things feel more luxurious than a baby-blue sweater (, $30). There is just something about this look that works for a lazy day in front of a movie marathon or as a departure from the blacks and grays of your winter work wardrobe. Just because the sky is gray and dreary doesn’t mean your clothes have to be!

Lancome Color design blue eyeshadow


If it is drama you seek, hook yourself up with some creamy blue eye shadow. This particular product from Lancome (, $25) smoothes on and stays on — for 24 hours. It doesn’t fade or crease, so you needn’t hassle with inconvenient re-application. You don’t have that kind of time because you are too busy trying to fit into your…

Eddie Bauer blue jeans


Yeah, we hear ya. The word jeans is kind of a four-letter word after the holidays. Since having your significant other or your kids hold your jeans while you jump from the roof to fit into them is impractical (and extremely unsafe), you need a pair of jeans that fit until you melt off some weight. Give these roomy pants a try (, $40). Once you’re back to your pre-holiday feeding frenzy weight, keep these on hand for PMS days.

Maybelline color show blue eyeshadow

Nail polish for toes

Remember that nasty grown-out pedicure we were talking about earlier? Nothing will shake the blues like a fresh coat of polish on your toes (, $4). Blue is a great winter color, and it’s easy to kick this look up a notch with diamond or snowflake accents. How can you be grumpy when your toes look that amazing?

Blue earrings

Turquoise earrings

Your jewelry choices have probably become as tired and worn-out as those pajama pants you’ve worn all winter. Time to get some danglies that make a statement, and turquoise is an easy way to do it. Draw attention to your face with these darling turquoise earrings (Silvertribe, $77).

Sabre sunglasses blue


If you’ve freshened up your hair color and tweaked your makeup a bit and you still feel your winter look needs a dose of “wow,” try a new pair of shades. These blue beauties (,, $75) will make you feel like a movie star sunning herself on Malibu Beach, even if you live in Alaska.

Merona blue hobo bag


You know that saying, “You’re never too fat for a new purse?” Well, it was never truer than in the dead of winter when you’re carrying around an extra layer. Cheer yourself up with this darling purse (Target, $30). What is it about this design that makes us want to scream “buttah” at the top of our lungs?

Jessica Simppson blue pumps


Regardless of what you think of Jessica Simpson’s music, the girl can crank out a mean high heel. And a blue pump (, $90) is essential for any shoe wardrobe. They look great with jeans but are neutral enough to add a little ba-dow to any dress.

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