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Accent your home with handmade art

Don’t want your home to resemble a hotel? Skip the boring prints and decorate your home with one-of-a-kind, affordable art.

woman hanging painting

Original art doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Decorate your home with one-of-a-kind pieces with unique flair. Shop online, at local boutiques and seasonal art festivals to create a collection of art that accents your home with individuality.

Shop online for original art

Independent artists from all over the globe sell handmade art on various sites like and Instead of purchasing a mass market canvas print that you can find on anyone’s living room wall, look for art you won’t find anywhere else. When you shop independent, it’s easier to find something that’s exactly to your tastes, in exactly your price range. From oil paintings (, $55) to illustrations, look for art that truly stands out. Try shopping local at coffee shops and galleries that sell original pieces by regional artists.

Invest in limited-edition prints

Many artists make a living selling prints. While not as unique as original pieces, prints are the best way to find original art at an affordable price. Art prints also allow you to easily frame mixed media art (, $20) such as collages. Take a look at the wall space you want to accent with art. What style would best fit in? When you know if you’re looking for traditional paintings, abstract color pieces or funky collage (, $5), you can narrow your search.

Support independent photographers

Fine art photography prints are a simple way to add stylish art pieces throughout your home. Get creative with matting and framing printed art. Try a cluster of black and white pieces in mismatched frames or a geometric display of similar photos, such as close-ups of flowers. Decorate with photos of your favorite skyline (, $65) or vacation destination. Hang photographs of landscapes and architecture that inspire you. Look for photographs that speak to your faith and spirituality.

Create your own art

Never picked up a paintbrush in your life? Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think to create your own art to decorate your home. Start out with photography. Spend a day taking pictures of objects and plants at different angles. Get close and pay attention to textures and lighting. Take far more pictures than you need. When you review them, chances are you’ll be surprised to find that a handful of them would look beautiful framed. Use a free service like Picmonkey to tweak the photos. When it comes to art prints, try having your child’s art printed on canvas. Who’s to say a lovingly crafted stick figure isn’t fine art?

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