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Decorate your home with thrift store finds

Thrifty doesn’t have to mean shabby. Learn how to thrift like a pro and decorate your home with vintage finds.

thrift store chair

Photo credit: Debbie Gorman, @i_obsess

Have you ever been in a home that has a strong sense of design identity? It’s possible to achieve that level of personalized decor without spending a fortune. Combine your natural taste with some creative shopping at local thrift stores and garage sales to decorate on a budget.

Find an accent piece

Want to give a room some character? Shop for an accent piece that draws the eye and speaks clearly to your personal style. A midcentury chair, an ornate lamp, a unique coffee table or a strange statue are just some of the types of items that can stand out in a room. When you’re on the hunt for an accent piece, give yourself plenty of time to find something that’s just right.

Shop with a specific purpose

Have goals in mind when you shop at garage sales and thrift stores. If you’re just wandering and browsing, you’ll never make enough time to really dig through and find treasures. Instead of idly searching, only search for one item at a time on any given trip. For example, you may spend a trip digging through children’s books for a cover you can frame or sifting through ceramics for the perfect succulent planter.

handpainted dresser


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Repurpose thrifted decor

If you’re not a do-it-yourself from scratch type, start halfway there with repurposed furniture and decor. Try purchasing a solid wood dresser and sanding and painting it. Buy a medicine cabinet and repurpose it as a jewelry box to hang in your closet or bedroom. Look for items that serve as a foundation for your interior design products.

Hunt for designer goods

Some of the best thrift store finds aren’t vintage at all. Modern brands from your favorite stores are available all the time at garage sales and thrift stores. To find these great items, shop frequently and develop a good eye for finding labels and designer marks. Be prepared to spend a few extra bucks, but nothing like what you’d pay retail. Mirrors and decorative shelves are always great thrift store buys.

Thrift store clock

Photo credit: Frugal Babe, @frugalbabe

Get creative with color

Use color to refresh a room in your home. Try searching through your local thrift store for colorful couch cushions and lampshades. What looks dingy at the store will gleam once you have a chance to clean it up at home. If you’re paying less than $10 for an item, you can afford to use it only seasonally. Thrift store decor is the perfect way to adjust your home year-round, highlighting holidays and seasons or simply indulging in your design whims.

Use vintage paintings and clocks

Unique paintings and classic clocks give rooms a vintage, funky flair without requiring much work. The real investment comes from the time you spend searching for the perfect pieces to accent your home. Whether you love still life paintings of flowers or bizarre portraits from the 1960s, you can find exactly what you never realized you were looking for at a thrift store. Clocks are an excellent way to add some style and personality to your kitchen. Try looking for a vintage school clock.

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