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Redecorating after Christmas

You’ve just finished taking down the tree and putting away the last of the stockings, and the house feels bare. Here are a few decorating ideas to make that warm and fuzzy feeling last all winter long.

For some reason every time you take down those holiday decorations and put the furniture back where it belongs, the house seems more empty than it did before the season began. Here are a few ideas for filling up the house with warmth to get you through the chill of the winter.

Ebb and Glow Candlestick


There is something about candles that can change the mood of a room. They are such an inexpensive way to transform the feel of any part of your home and can help you go from Christmas bulbs to winter twilight in no time at all. We love this Ebb and Glow Candlestick set from to add a wintery feel without glowing of the holiday season.

Faux Sheepskin Throw

Cozy throw

Whether you warmed up by the tree with a snowman blanket or a red and green quilt, it’s time to find something new to keep you toasty but still carry that snowy sparkle indoors. This Faux Sheepskin Throw from will give you the warm and fuzzies while reminding you of a snow-filled day.

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Safavieh White Lauralie Ivory Shell lamp


Even the most well-decorated room can feel much more like home with a lamp or two. Adding lamplight to your family room as you take down the last of the tree lights can be the perfect change from Christmas to cozy. Try something like this Safavieh White Lauralie Ivory Shell lamp set from to prolong the glow of the winter season with a little pizzazz.

Table runner

Table runner

You’ve taken down the gingerbread house and the poinsettia, the rotating plates of cookies have long been eaten and now something is missing. If you are looking for an accent to warm up your cold kitchen space, try a new table runner to top off the room. This Champagne with Bead Work Table Runner from will add an elegant touch to your table that will last much longer than those holiday desserts.

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Bonus idea: Winter prints

Do you have gorgeous photos from the holidays or were you lucky enough to be surrounded by snow snapping pictures? You can bring the memories inside by having your prints transferred to canvas that can be hung anywhere in your home. Try sites like or to transform your favorite shots into works of wintery art.

No matter what you do to balance the sparkle of the winter season with the empty space where your Christmas tree sat, your family and friends will appreciate your attention to detail and the cozy space you’ve created as they try to stay warm for the season.

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