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How often should I was my hair?

We’re partnering with some of the hair industry’s top talents to bring you answers to your hair questions. Up today? Master stylist Nick Arrojo is telling us whether we should let our hair get dirty or not.

Your questions answered!
Woman washing her hair

Your question

Is it true that letting your hair get oily (not washing every day) is good for it? And how do you suggest styling hair to not look dirty?

Nick’s answer!

So many people obsess about shampooing their hair every day. They get freaked out because they think anything less will result in dirty, smelly hair that doesn’t look nice and clean. It’s a nice thought, and we encourage everyone to have hygienically clean hair, but shampooing three or four times weekly is plenty — only shampoo every day if you have to have that fresh scent of just cleansed hair. (And if you do shampoo every day, use a lightweight shampoo formulated for daily use and rinse well to avoid build-up and residue.)

One to three days of unwashed hair will result in the build-up of natural sebum oils from your scalp. Too much of those oils can leave your hair feeling greasy, but the right amount can leave your hair with a nice easy-to-manage texture for you to play with. If you’re comfortable with natural oils, try this and see how it works for you. Just remember to brush or quickly blow out your unwashed hair in the morning to distribute the oils and shape and define your style. And don’t use too much product because it will only increase the dirt. Instead, see how you can create individual style with your own lived-in natural texture.

If you are going to use product on non-wet, shampooed hair, make it ARROJO refinish dry shampoo. A miracle style rescue, it cleans hair without water, soaks up excess oils and creates instant texture and volume with a nice soft sheen. It keeps hair textured and lived-in — without ever looking dirty.

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