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3 Easy ways to have more fun with makeup in 2013

Are you suffering from post-holiday guilt because of the excess food intake and lack of exercise? You’re not alone. What is done is done and more guilt only brings bad feelings. There’s no day like today to start making healthier choices, and living in the now is the best way you can impact the future.

Katy Perry with bold red lips

The same thing rings true when it comes to trying out new makeup looks and trends. They all seem like a fun idea, but you are never quite able to get around to incorporating them into your daily beauty routine. “Maybe next week…?” NOT! Fret not, love, I’m here to show you how to have a bit more fun experimenting with makeup this year!

Gwen Stefani wearing dramatic eye makeup


Graphic eyeliner

The latest graphic eyeliner and this new colorful eyeshadow duo sitting in your makeup bag all need to find their way into your comfort zone. Practice makes perfect. However, I know that snooze button gets a daily workout, so getting ready for work is definitely not the best time for makeup experimentation. How about scheduling on your smartphone a 5-minute appointment with yourself for some “how-to” me time? You could sure benefit from a few coffee break minutes to try out a new eye makeup technique then jump right back into work mode with a fresh pair of eyes (pun intended). How about just before leaving the office at the end of the day or fresh out of the shower at the gym? Once this express pampering session is scheduled, the odds of this self-learning experience actually happening increase tremendously.

Woman getting makeup done by makeup artist

Watch YouTube tutorials

Next time you see an awe-inspiring makeup look on the net or in a storefront window, snap a picture for future reference. Inspiration abounds on YouTube with its countless blogs and how-to videos. Don’t be shy to ask a beauty consultant in a makeup store near you to show you how to best reproduce this highlighting/contouring you have never dared to try. The trick is to have the artist demonstrate on one side of your face first and then do the other side yourself. And if you ever hear a sales person say, “I can do both sides if you purchase the product,” just RUN and never come back! No one should ever feel pressured to buy makeup (yes, this still happens in 2013).


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Just do it!

makeup brushes

The best way to leave behind any fear of trying new things or aspire to improve your application skills is by simply diving right into it over and over again. No amount of makeup lessons will ever parallel learning from your own mistakes. I can honestly say that I have reached the level of confidence and skills I have today from pushing myself to try new things and by always switching up product textures, colors and tools. “Make it work” moments often lead to surprising makeup shortcuts! For example, use eye cream to correct crooked eyeliner or try smudging waterproof black mascara all around your eyes for the perfect long wear smoky eye.

One of the main reasons why I love being a makeup artist is that I enjoy the instant gratification and powerful feature enhancement it allows. With only a few brush strokes or a hot new lip color, you can express how you truly feel inside at a specific moment in time. This makeup magic is ever so satisfying and I think that’s why thousands of women spend five, 10, 15 or even 30 minutes alone with themselves every day in front of a mirror to re-invent the way they feel. Go on, do what it takes to face the day with renewed energy. Ring out the old foundation and ring in a fresh new complexion!

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