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How to dress like an alpha woman

Whether we’re conquering Manhattan in heels or conquering breakfast for the family (or both), there’s a little alpha in all of us women. We as a gender are incredible and we can conquer the world. All it takes is a little confidence and the right outfit.

Woman wearing blazer

There’s an old saying that if you dress for it, you can do anything. Here’s how to dress to release your inner alpha woman.

Step 1: Conquer your style

It’s important to be in command of what you love and what you don’t. Channel that: Go through your wardrobe with a critical and confident eye and get rid of everything you simply won’t wear. Be honest, decisive and create your own personal look (keyword: personal). This may take time (and a few shopping trips), but developing your own style and look is critical. Fashion is powerful thing and has been helped women channel their personalities for ages. Dress for you and no one else.

Step 2: Conquer your body type

Don’t try to fit in those size five pants when you can’t anymore. If you want to be a size five again, work for it, but don’t torture yourself in the meantime. Alpha women are confident in their bodies and their goals — at all times. It’s OK if it’s going to take you six months to lose those 20 pounds. Alpha women are confident and positive they will reach their goals. In the meantime, don’t lack for style.

Step 3: Show off

Invest in the wardrobe items that make you feel powerful. No, alpha women don’t feel guilty when they buy that $1,000 Louis Vuitton bag. Alpha women deserve it. But they don’t lack style when money is tight. Buy what you can afford but buy the things that make you feel confident. Kate Middleton’s go-to alpha staple: her LK Bennet nude heels to show off her amazing legs. Kim Kardashian loves her butt regardless of what other women say and she wears tight pencil skirts — they work for her. Be aware of what your best assets are and flaunt them, regardless of others’ opinions.

Step 4: Put together

Don’t avoid the things that make you feel in command of the room. In the morning I always need to wear a fitted blazer and have a coffee in hand. A coffee in the morning is just as important as pants, and I have no shame. Without these two things my days fall apart. Find what puts you together in the morning and don’t be afraid to make it a routine.

Step 5: Alpha is in the details

Alpha women are powerful, down to the details. Spend that extra half-hour on your hair. Iron your blouse. Run a lint brush over your pants. The key to being an alpha woman is always looking put-together, regardless of the challenges in your day. As they say, it isn’t the load that breaks you, but how you carry it. Carry yours in style and keep an eye on those important details.

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