The Alpha Woman Issue

Let’s face it. Smart women get ahead in life. But you don’t need a fancy master’s degree and a Prada briefcase to get there. Attitude and a little savvy go a long way. So consider this your ultimate guide to living the life you want, from personal to professional life. Go ahead. Unleash your inner alpha woman.

alpha woman

You don’t need to be a man to have the cojones to be successful.

In fact, women are taking leadership roles now more than ever. About 65 percent of married moms have jobs, according to a 2011 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Conversely, more women are choosing to forgo marriage and babies to pursue careers and start their own businesses. So what does that mean? Basically, we’re living in a culture that is favorable to the “alpha woman.”

In the animal kingdom, the “alpha” is the dominant one in the pack, the one who forges ahead of the rest to lead with strength and confidence. To put it plainly, an “alpha woman” is your tough, successful, wildly intelligent alter-ego. And she wants out!

So we have compiled the alpha’s ultimate guide to owning yourself, your career, your family and your body. Whether it’s getting ahead in the workplace or simply managing the balance between board meetings and PTA meetings, we want you to start 2013 off strong and empowered. Rawr.

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Did you know 45 percent of readers would rather be single? See that and other results from our Alpha Woman Poll here.

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