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Champagne taste on a beer budget: A budget-friendly New Year’s Eve

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a good time. Discover simple tips for celebrating New Year’s Eve on a budget without sacrificing fun.

Friends at New Year's Eve Party

On New Year’s Eve, don’t get swept away by indulgent, over-the-top celebrations. Celebrate on a budget without losing out on fun or compromising your good taste. Shop and plan smart and you can ring in the new year without spending a fortune.

champagneAttend an all-inclusive party

Up front, an expensive party ticket might seem like a bad deal. However, if you do the math, you’ll likely find that entertainment, food and drinks as individual items will usually run you much more than an all-inclusive ticket will. Research local resorts, restaurants and entertainment destinations and do price comparisons to find the best option for an all-inclusive party or prix-fixe menu. To stay under budget, resist the urge to buy new clothes for the event. Stick to a new piece of costume jewelry or new shoes to wear with one of your little black dresses. Remember to bring cash for tips if the event features an open bar.

Throw a budget-friendly party

Host a party at home without spending an arm and a leg. Remember, your friends and family want to enjoy good times and good company — no one is going to scrutinize your place settings or nitpick the food you serve. Use smart hosting habits, like mix-and-match table decor, potluck meals and simple finger food. Brainstorm entertainment ideas using things you already have, such as streaming music from your PC or phone, playing fun board games and organizing icebreakers. Instead of focusing on fancy party planning, think like a college student. Your friends are all you really need to have a casual, fun time with good eats and a few yummy drinks. Just skip the ramen noodles this time around.

Opt for sparkling wine

What’s the difference between Champagne and sparkling wine? Not much. Champagne is made in a specific region of France, while sparkling wine is made just about everywhere else. If you want to drink bubbly on New Year’s Eve, purchase an inexpensive sparkling wine. But instead of reaching for the cheapest bottle, read wine reviews to find a well-rated wine within your budget. To save even more, stick to beer or mixed drinks until you’re ready to toast with sparkling wine at midnight.

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