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New Year’s Eve beauty dos and don’ts every gal should know

Ah, Dec. 31! It’s the one night of the year you can go all out with your hair and makeup and rock something completely and totally over the top just because heck, you like it. But remember, even still, there are a few rules. We spoke with leading experts to break down the beauty dos and don’ts for New Year’s Eve every gal should know.

woman with new year's eve makeup

Do get a sexy blowout

Um seriously, you deserve it girl! Renowned stylist Greg Ruggeri of Salon Ruggeri in NYC recommends getting a blowout around 3 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. “Have your stylist pin your hair in large victory rolls around your head, and make sure you leave them in until you’re ready to go,” he says. “Then, simply take them out and shake your head to give hair that ‘sex-kitten’ feel. Finally, dust Evo’s Haze Styling Powder on to ensure that blowout lasts into the wee hours of the morning.”

Don’t use glitter hair spray…

Or attempt to bling out your hair and face with matching rhinestones! According to celebrity hairstylist Darico Jackson, it’s way too much (uh, we concur!). “You’ll look like a child trying to play dress up.”

waterDo stick to clear drinks, and munch on veggies

Essentially, anything that will stain your clothing will stain your teeth, explains Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Arthur Glosman. “Snack on veggies, like celery and carrots, which will naturally cleanse and lighten your teeth, and opt for white wine, Champagne, water and other clear drinks,” he advises. “You can also rub a lemon peel across your front teeth to produce a brightening effect.”

Don’t be a lazy, last-minute girl

Waiting until the last minute to plan your look is never a good idea, says celebrity stylist Allen Edwards. “As a hairdresser, I know to expect the unexpected: a horrible hair day, that strand that won’t straighten or running out of bobby pins! Prepare the night before so you’re not scrambling 20 minutes prior to the time you’re supposed to leave.”

Do take care of your nails

Take this opportunity to make your New Year’s resolution about your nails, suggests Jenna Hipp, celebrity manicurist and founder of Nailing Hollywood. “A small effort can reward drastic improvements, and believe it or not, beauty products aren’t necessarily the solution. The answer lies with you, your determination and willpower. No more biting, no more picking, no more irregular manicures. It’s time for you to take care of you.” We couldn’t agree more!

Don’t enjoy a cocktail whose ingredient list sounds a lot like a candy bar

Or at least not too many anyway… “Drinks mixed with sugar, carbonation or worse, caffeine, wreak havoc on your skin and your health in general,” says Melissa Picoli, esthetician and founder of BijaBody health + beauty. “They can also get you feeling tipsy earlier, which leads to you looking like a mess, and not a hot one (trust us). Be smart about it.”

compact mirrorDo pack a mirror and supplies for touchups

Keep in mind that New Year’s is a marathon, not a sprint, says seasoned hairstylist and makeup artist Julia Papworth. “You’ll want to reapply your lipstick and touch up your hair throughout the night. However, it’s not necessary to pack your entire bathroom. A light powder and a lip color should be enough to get you by until the ball drops.”

Don’t let oily shine ruin your fab photos

You’ll have these images for years to come (Facebook, duh!), so be sure to use a self-setting powder foundation on the hotspots of your face, such as the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, especially if you have an oily complexion already, warns Aussie makeup maestro Napoleon Perdis. “My Camera Finish Powder Foundation boasts phenomenal coverage and anti-aging ingredients. It can be worn as a light base, layered for a medium coverage or just as a setting powder over a liquid foundation.”

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