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How to fix thinning hair!

We’re partnering with some of the hair industry’s top talents to bring you answers to your hair questions. Up today? Larry Sims, celebrity stylist, is showing us how to preserve already thinning hair.

Woman with thinning hair

Your question

How can I preserve my thinning hair?

Larry’s answer!

Thinning hair is something no woman wants! After all, sexy bombshell hair is popular for a reason. Sometimes we can’t prevent nature when it comes to our hair, so a little thinning is inevitable depending on your hair type. That said, we wanted to know a few ways to slow down or prevent extra thinning, so we turned to our pal Larry Sims, celebrity hair stylist.

Larry’s first piece of advice? Watch how you style those locks, ladies! “The best way to preserve thinning hair is to not snag or break the hair during your styling process. Hook rubber bands and natural boar bristle brushes are great.” Nice tip, Larry — a trip to the drugstore is in our immediate future for these essentials.

Larry’s second and final piece of advice deals with the tools you use for styling, and more importantly, the settings you use. “Using low heat while styling with thermal tools is essential as well. Heat protectants are golden when it comes to preserving the hair. Smooth ‘N Shine Silk ‘N Sleek Straighten Polisher protects your hair up to 425 degrees.”

Nice advice, Larry! We feel a little bit better now.

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