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6 Best wine glasses made from recycled glass

What are the holidays without a bit of bubbly or a great glass of wine? Toast your friends and your eco-sense with these great glasses. Cheers!

Green wine glass
Recycled wine glasses

Raise your glass without raising your carbon footprint

What are the holidays without a bit of bubbly or a great glass of wine? Toast your friends and your eco-sense with these great glasses. Cheers!
Going green in your kitchen doesn’t have to be boring. Buying glassware made from recycled glass is a great way to incorporate recycled materials into your kitchen. With so many styles and shapes, you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for.

Glass has been used for centuries to hold everything from perfume to wine. More than 3 million tons of glass were recycled in 2010, much of which was used to create new glass bottles and jars. Reclaimed and recycled products have made a huge impact on housewares — especially in the kitchen. Drinking glasses of all types made from recycled glass are not only beautiful but trendy. Check out some of our favorites — from the everyday glass to the party flute.

white wine glasses

Clearly beautiful

These Century recycled glass white wine glasses ($36 for set of six, Pottery Barn) would be a stunning addition to any table setting. Made of recycled glass from Mexico, the white wine glasses hold 6.5 ounces and have a beautiful bubbly look — even when empty.

medium-sized wine glasses

Blue from across the sea

These medium-sized wine glasses ($60 for set of six, Amazon) are made in Egypt of recycled glass and hold 8 ounces. A larger size that holds 10 ounces is also available. These glasses have a gorgeous blue tint that pairs well with most table settings, and a unique curvy stem.

stemless wine glasses

Stemless gems

When you are just relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine, why not use a stemless glass? They are less likely to tip over and just as beautiful. These stemless wine glasses ($28 for set of two, Uncommon Goods) are handmade in Columbia from recycled glass and have a unique look. Slight variations in the glass make them one of a kind.

VIVAZ Bolitas wine goblet

Raise your glass

The stunning blue color of the VIVAZ Bolitas wine goblet ($59 for set of four, Amazon) is what draws your attention first. These glasses are handmade by skilled artisans in Mexico and also available in other colors and shapes. Not only are these glasses beautiful, but they are dishwasher safe and durable.

stemless wine glasses

Bubbly on a glass

Why just have bubbles on the inside of your glass? These unique Effervesce stemless wine glasses ($8 each, Anthropologie) hold 13 ounces of your favorite wine in style. The bumpy design of the glass makes it easy to hold and makes them not only green but fun.

swirl champagne flutes

A toast with a twist

Ready to toast a special occasion? These swirl Champagne flutes ($99 for set of six) are a classy way to toast anything from the bride and groom to a happy New Year. They are hand-blown using recycled windshield glass by artisans in Columbia and bring a touch a class to any party or gathering.

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