Celeb makeup artists give our fave reality stars virtual makeovers

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying the fact that these four controversial reality stars have made quite a name for themselves in Hollywood. The one thing that ties them all together (other than their ability to consistently shock us) is, unfortunately, their not so flattering makeup. That’s why we decided it’s about time we called in the help of a few experts. Because truth be told, they’re pretty girls, but a change or two is definitely necessary.


Amber Portwood of Teen Mom

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom

Brows: According to celebrity makeup artist LeAura Luciano, Amber’s biggest issue is her brows. “They’re way over-plucked, the shape is wrong for her face and they’re too thin,” she notes. “I would advise she use some eyebrow rejuvenation and growth serums and put away her tweezers for at least six weeks!” In the meantime though, makeup artist to the stars and founder of Skinn Cosmetics Dimitri James suggests filling them in.

Eyes: “Amber has pretty blue eyes, but they’re small, so the last thing she’d want to do is line them with thick, black eyeliner, which only makes them appear smaller,” says Luciano. “I’d recommend a bronzed brown liner just on top and finishing off with mascara.”

Face: “Her concealer is too light and needs a coat of blush or bronzer swept over it so that it blends in better with the rest of her face,” points out James. “I would warm her up with a dusting of bronzer all over, which would really bring out her blue eyes.”


Snooki of Jersey Shore

Snooki of Jersey Shore

Eyes: “Snooki has certainly come a long way and her look really is her own, so I wouldn’t want to lose her personality,” reveals Physicians Formula’s celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip. “However, she is one of those girls who looks amazing with less makeup, so if she was in my chair, I’d tone down the eye (and foundation) and lighten her brow, but I’d keep the lashes.”

Lips: “I know Snooki likes strong lip colors, such as hot pink and red, but if she’s going to rock a bold pout, I’d advise easing up on the rest of her face and keeping things soft,” says seasoned makeup artist Felicia Alva. In other words, less bronzer and definitely less eye makeup!

Cheeks: “Believe it or not, because Snooki has obviously gone for a very dramatic and theatrical look, she’s done over the top well, without crossing over into the campy drag look,” explains James. One thing he would ditch though is that shimmery blush.


Courtney Stodden of Couples Therapy

Courtney Stodden of Couples Therapy

Eyes: “Courtney tends to gravitate toward dark, smoky eyeshadow, heavy liner and lots of lashes,” says celebrity makeup artist Julia Papworth. “While this look can work on her, more natural eyes would really brighten up her young face.” Agreed!

Lips: “She often wears a bright pink or a frosty lip color,” divulges Papworth, “While pretty, I think a neutral-toned pout would give Courtney a much more polished look. My favorite neutral lipstick is Smashbox Be Legendary in Nylon Nude. After applying, finish off with Nars Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Spring Break.”

Skin: “It looks like Courtney spray tans, which is definitely a healthy way to get a glow,” notes Schlip. “However, there is a strong contrast between her skin and hair color, so I would recommend toning down one or the other for a softer effect. I’d also reduce the amount of shimmer on her skin.”


Coco Austin of Ice Loves Coco

Coco Austin of Ice Loves Coco

Overall: “Coco is a gorgeous girl, but that streak of frosty blue pink blush, painted on eyebrows, hard eyeliner, overdrawn lip liner and goopy gloss ages her about five to 10 years,” says celebrity makeup artist Erin Skipley. “She’s in her 30s now, and less is more!”

Eyes & blush: “A soft, smoky eye or iconic cat liner a la Brigitte Bardot or Marilyn Monroe would look great on her,” reveals Skipley. “The extreme blush makes her look hard. Thus, a sweep of luminizer above her cheek bones and a little bronzer would be just right.”

Lips: As for her lips, Skipley says they’re often overdrawn with thick looking gloss or color, which probably bleeds in a bad way. “She could do either a soft neutral or a caramel lip with a touch of shimmery gloss or a bright/bold lip color with a velvet-matte texture.”

“Bubble gum pink is not the right shade,” adds James.

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